LA-based indie garage punk band Wavy Trees send their love to the brokenhearted everywhere with their latest single "Hypocrite."

With the track's anthemic melodies and prominent grunge undertones, "Hypocrite" makes for a perfect heartbreak anthem. It comes with an official music video directed by Ron Geffen from Rockland Studios, exclusively available on V13. What originally began as an "accident" during one of the band's sessions turned into an unapologetically honest track, with "Hypocrite" being a vivid retelling of a relationship gone.

A Still from the Wave Trees'
(Photo: Wavy Trees)

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Furthermore, its rather outlandish music video shows Wavy Trees going door-to-door in a recruitment campaign for "The Wavy Way" all across the San Fernando Valley. As they continue to face closed doors and less-than-welcoming neighbors, the four-piece act finally decides to take their frustrations against the community with vandalism and good old grunge rock playing.

"'Hypocrite' is an anthem for those who were left behind by a lover. It's about being sick of wasting your love on someone! When you love someone so much that even when they leave you, you still want them to take you with them when they go," explains Wavy Tree frontman Zack Smith. "It's also the acceptance of losing someone. At the end of the day we all have that hypocritical side of us that wants things that aren't the best for us."

Smith additionally explains that the idea for the "Hypocrite" music video came to them while they were driving around Los Angeles. He then noted how Jason Espirito, the band's guitarist, noticed missionaries going door-to-door, giving them the idea of how hilarious it would be if they also dressed the same. It led the band to create their own make-believe group, "The Wavy Way," to deliver their own satirical take on life in general - exposing the "Hypocrite" lives within us all.

Wavy Trees is a four-piece group made up of Zack "Moondog" Smith on lead vocals, guitar, and piano; Jason Espirito on guitar; Brain Duke on bass and guitars; and Jack Gallner on drums. Wavy Trees is currently produced by the legendary Jay Baumgardner, who also worked on Seether, Bush, Papa Roach, Otherwise, Lacuna Coil, and more.

Watch the "Hypocrite" music video below:


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