U.S. President Joe Biden's ancestors had records showing that they owned enslaved people on the president's father's side, according to a genealogist.

Alexander Bannerman with presidential lineage expert Gary Boyd Roberts had written together an article regarding Biden's lineage, according to The Hill report.

Bannerman said that he came across the connection between Biden's native ancestors and slavery through looking at census records and slave schedules from Maryland.

Bannerman noted that the president's great-great-great-grandfather, Jesse Robinett, had owned two enslaved people in Allegany County, according to the 1800 census.

In addition, another great-great-great-grandfather, Thomas Randle, had owned a 14-year-old slave boy in Baltimore County.

The president had already highlighted his Irish roots from his mother's side.

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Biden's Lineage and Slavery Ties

Research also noted that the president had distant ties to Varina Anne Banks Howell, who was the wife of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, according to an Independent report.

Biden has earlier been associated with claims of a racist ancestry, which were proven false in the past.

A photo of Biden earlier circulated on the internet with him allegedly showing a black and white picture of his gun-carrying great-grandfather. The image had a text "Joe Biden's great grandfather Joseph J. Biden (1828-1880) was a slave owner."

It added that his great-grandfather fought for the Confederate States of America. It was later proven false and was instead identified as Richard Young Bennett, who was a member of the Confederate army.

Biden has always posed as an Irish Catholic and cited Seamus Heaney as his favorite poet. He also prided himself for going to a Catholic school in Delaware and recently donned the White House fountain with green colors for St. Patrick's Day.

Politicians' Ties to Slavery

Congress and scholars have seriously debated the topic of reparations for Black Americans, whose ancestors were victims of the slave trade.

Among the lawmakers who were reported to have connections to slavery were former president Barack Obama and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Their ancestors all owned slaves, according to a Business Insider report.

Former Congressman and 2020 presidential candidate Beto O'Rouke's ancestors also owned enslaved people. McConnell's great-grandfathers, James McConnell and Richard Daley, owned at least 14 slaves in Alabama in the 1800s.

In 2019, McConnell noted that he finds himself in the same position as Obama, adding that they both oppose reparations and both descendants of slave owners.

Meanwhile, Obama's father is Kenyan while his mother was American.

Amateur genealogist William Reitwiesner found that the former president's ancestors on his mother's side have owned slaves.

Obama's great-great-great-great-grandfather, and Mary Duvall, his great-great-great-great grandmother, had been noted to own two slaves in Kentucky in the 1850 census. The findings showed that the slaves owned by the Duvalls were a 60-year-old man and a 58-year-old woman.

The lineage of Duvalls was recorded to be a wealthy family, with its members descending from a major landowner, Maureen Duvall.

Maureen's estate at least owned 18 slaves in the 17th century, according to a previous The Guardian report.

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