Kyrie Irving could miss playing home games after a local mandate prohibited unvaccinated Brooklyn Nets players from playing at home. The Brooklyn Nets guard is apparently unvaccinated.

In California, a similar regulation is in place that would apparently hinder unvaccinated Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins to play for his team during their games at home. Wiggins is reportedly refusing to get vaccinated.

Unvaccinated Kyrie Irving

According to NBC Sports via Yahoo Sports, the Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marks acknowledged that a couple of Brooklyn players are still unvaccinated. But he expressed confidence that everyone would be allowed to participate by the time the Nets training camp returns to New York.

Currently, the Nets are having their opening camp in San Diego for the first week, where there are no such mandates implemented. They would be playing their first preseason game against the Lakers in the city of Los Angeles.

Marks noted that the Nets had positive conversations with Kyrie Irving regarding a contract extension. However, as much as the Brooklyn team wanted to cater to its star, it would be hard for them to give Irving the max extension he wanted and still chooses to be unavailable for practices, especially during home games if he would not get vaccinated.

Furthermore, there is a chance that Kyrie Irving would jeopardize his $34,916,200 salary under the Nets. Despite the move from the players' union, who successfully fought against the NBA implementing a vaccine mandate, there's still a chance that Irving would be traded to a team in a market without a vaccine mandate.

Last season, Kyrie Irving got fined for violating the NBA's coronavirus protocols by partying maskless indoors.

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NBA's COVID-19 Vaccination and Quarantine Protocols

Last July, Michele Roberts, National Basketball Players Association Executive Director, said that the number of players currently vaccinated was already at 90 percent.

The said numbers were about 10-to-15 percent more than the overall rate of American adults who were vaccinated.

In a September 1 memo, obtained by FOX Sports, the NBA informed its teams that because of the local vaccination requirements, unvaccinated members of the Brooklyn Nets, New York Knicks, and Golden State Warriors would be prohibited from playing or even practicing in their home arenas, "without providing proof of at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccination."

However, the state guideline would allow unvaccinated players to play if they have an approved medical or religious exemption. The league also clarified that the regulation does not apply to the visiting members and players.

In another memo from earlier this month also obtained by FOX Sports, the NBA outlined its "anticipated health and safety protocols." There would be a mandatory seven-day quarantine period for unvaccinated players who come in contact with the virus.

Depending on a team's schedule, the quarantine could result in as much as a four-game absence. On the other hand, vaccinated players could avoid quarantine after receiving a negative test result.

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