The Taliban had executed a public hanging with a dead body suspending from a crane in a city square in Afghanistan. Four bodies were initially brought to the central square in Herat.

Taliban officials noted that the four men were caught participating in a kidnapping plot, with the suspects reportedly killed during a gunfight with police, according to The Blaze report.

Three corpses were transported to other parts of the city for public display, according to one local resident.

A crowd had gathered in the city square to see a bloodied body hanging from a crane, with a note pinned to the man's chest that read that the public hanging was "the punishment for kidnapping."

Taliban-appointed district police chief in Herat, Ziaulhaq Jalali, said that the Taliban members rescued a father and son who had been kidnapped by four kidnappers after a gunfire exchange, according to an Associated Press News reportThe kidnappers had wounded a Taliban fighter and a civilian, while all of the said suspects were killed in a crossfire.

The Taliban leaders are still following a deeply conservative, "hard-line" worldview despite adapting to technological changes, such as video and mobile phones.

Mullah Nooruddin Turabi said that everyone criticized the group for punishments in the stadium. However, he said that they never said anything about other's laws and punishments.

Turabi added that no one will tell them what their laws should be, saying that they will follow Islam and will make their laws on the Quran.

Spokesman Ned Price said during his briefing that the United States would "stand firm" along the international community to hold perpetrators of the said abuses accountable.

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Biden Administration's Praise on the Taliban

Earlier in September, National Security Council spokesperson Emily Horne had released a statement noting that the Taliban have been "cooperative in facilitating the departure of American citizen."

Horne added that the group has shown "flexibility", as well as being "businesslike and professional" in the U.S.'s dealings with the group in the effort, according to The National Review report.

Meanwhile, the U.S. earlier reported that a little more than 100 Americans were belived to remain in the country after U.S. President Joe Biden had ended the 20-year military mission in August.

Biden and his administration have drawn flak for having left Americans at the hands of the Taliban rule.

Representative Mike Waltz and Senator Lindsey Graham noted in a joint statement that it was inexcusable that the current administration had allowed "a terrorist regime" to dictate the terms of Americans to leave the country.

Waltz and Graham said that the U.S. does not take orders from terrorists, according to a France24 report.

Human Rights Watch and the San Jose State University noted that the Taliban in the city of Herat is doing widespread and serious human rights violations against women and girls.

Women reported that they found themselves trapped indoors after the Taliban's arrival, adding that they were afraid to leave their house without a male family member.

Halima Kazem-Stojanovic, a core faculty member of SJSU's Human Rights Institute, said that the best-case scenario for women is to be unharmed but forced to live a "drastically diminished existence."

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