Irish singer-songwriter Padjo Dolan returns with a fresh rock track, "Hazel Eyes," serving another single as a solo artist outside his band and giving listeners a feel of what his future projects would sound like.

Padjo Dolan's 'Hazel Eyes'

"Hazel Eyes" kicks off with an atmospheric introduction, drawing the listener right as the song starts. After this catchy and engaging opening, Padjo's vocals start to come in, and effortlessly breathes life into the evocative lyrics.

"The track encapsulates everything I love about rock music and demonstrates exactly what I am about as an artist," Padjo says in a statement.

Padjo Dolan
(Photo: FlutterTone)

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In "Hazel Eyes," there is a range of liberating and romantic lines sure to stay in your head far after the song has finished playing. It includes vivid and poetic lines such as "you could take my hand / we could travel up the coast / and find the answer in the sand." In these carefully crafted words, listeners can feel vulnerability and intimacy. It also shows Padjo Dolan as a talented lyricist on top of being a songwriter. His style has something to it that makes you want to listen to his song over and over again, looking for details and nuances of this layered track.

Furthermore, the female background vocals provided by Donna Bisset add another textural layer that adds to the unique experience of listening to the song. Her almost haunting repetition of "it's a long way down to Mexico" creates vivid imagery in the mind of the listener – images of a long drive on an open, extending road, perhaps with the law trailing behind.

Although Padjo is an Irish artist, he managed to build something distinctly cinematic and Americana in his new track. "Hazel Eyes" feels like a fitting soundtrack to films with famous getaway scenes, or those about legendary American outlaws Thelma and Louise or Bonnie and Clyde.

There are also other great talents involved in the development of this track. Aside from Padjo Dolan on guitar and vocals, he is also joined by Cian Boylan, Conor Brady, Dave Hingerty, and Robbie Malone.

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