The confrontation about COVID-19 masks between two South Florida Walmart shoppers, with one armed with a gun, last year prompted a new lawsuit.

Florida Walmart Confrontation Turned Into Lawsuit

Based on a report, the incident happened on July 12, 2020, at the South Florida Walmart when the two shoppers named Christopher Estrada and Vincent Scavetta had an encounter that was caught on a surveillance video. The confrontation started when Estrada had asked Scavetta to put on a mask because of the ongoing COVID-19.

At one point, the maskless shopper, Scavetta, was seen whipping out his licensed semi-automatic weapon and pointed it in the direction of Estrada, who at the time was wearing a facial covering.

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Florida Walmart Shopper Sues Sheriff

The confrontation later on led the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office to arrest Scavetta, but hours laters prosecutors decided against filing two charges and the case was closed.

However, according to the Tampa Bay Times, the case was again revisited after Vincent Scavetta filed civil claims against Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and Estrada on September 29. The 30-year-old Scavetta was suing the sheriff over claims of defamation and "malicious prosecution."

The office of Bradshaw said that it will not comment about the pending litigation.

The lawsuit slammed Sheriff Bradshaw over the social media posts that his office made on two platforms online, showing images of the confrontation at the Walmart along with some statements about Scavetta.

"You think you're big and bad because you pull out a gun?," the first post stated.

"Welcome to the PBC Jail, son. Let this be a lesson. It could have ended badly," another post online said.

The lawsuit filed by Scavetta emphasized that the official statements from the office of Bradshaw and his comments did not only generate malicious statements but also humiliated and embarrassed him in public. Scavetta added that Bradshaw put him in shame, the lawsuit said.

Moreover, Scavetta stated that the alleged "false statements" hurt not only his business and reputation, but also his occupation because it exposed him to hatred, ridicule, and contempt.

Meanwhile, the lawsuit did not specify the occupation of the Lake Worth Beach man but based on the arrest paperwork, Scavetta was working in the field of information technology.

Furthermore, the second claim of Scavetta against Bradshaw emphasized that the Sheriff's Office supposedly did not charge him with a crime based on the facts of the situation. The charges that Scavetta faced were an improper exhibition of dangerous weapons or firearms and aggravated assault with a firearm.

The lawsuit also included the name of Estrada. The 47-year-old resident of West Palm Beach is now facing a battery claim after Scavetta claimed that the other shopper hit or touched him with an umbrella. Scavetta satiated that the attack caused him to suffer "mental pain and anguish."

On the other hand, Scavetta's attorney, Dan Moses of Boca Raton, could not be reached despite calls made to his office Tuesday and Wednesday.

The lawsuit filed by Scavetta did not specify the sum of money that he was seeking to collect.

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Written by: Jess Smith

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