Anya Taylor-Joy, the protagonist of the Netflix hit series "The Queen's Gambit," is more than the actress that played various roles in the entertainment industry.

Known for her charisma and elegance, Taylor-Joy gave her fans a different side of her, during an interview with the British Vogue, as she revealed her fun side by sharing what she brings inside her bag.

The actress joked that before the bag raid, she tidied her things up for her fans.

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Anya Taylor-Joy Reveals What is Inside Her Bag

Before revealing a lot of her favorite things inside the bag, Taylor-Joy first showed the bag she uses. The actress showed a white tote bag, which according to the actress weighs "so heavy."

Taylor-Joy showcased her possession of a tote bag from the Shakespeare and Company in Paris, revealing to her fans that Paris was her most favorite place in the world.

"The Queen's Gambit" star first revealed her love for novels and literature, as she showed two books coming out from her bag.

"I always have one [book] with me... I believe everyone should have a book in their bag to never get bored," Taylor-Joy said.

For her recent tastes in reading, the actress let her fans know that she reads the books entitled "The Dud Avocado" and "Kink: Stories."

Aside from reading books, Taylor-Joy then shared her love for writing, as she showed the journal, she always brings with her.

"Sometimes I use it to process my emotions, but I also make a lot of lists," she emphasized. The actress added that she does not always do the things she includes in her lists, but "The Queen's Gambit Star" jokingly said that she still writes them.

The actress also brought out a hair tie, brush, mascara, and lipstick, which she uses to groom herself and look beautiful. 

Other Things Inside Anya Taylor-Joy's Bag

Any Taylor-Joy also revealed her love for photography, as she shared that she always brings a camera with her.

"I always travel with photos, because, I don't know, they remind me of those times, and I feel a little less alone," she underscored. The actress also revealed that she loves taking photos of people working, and she does it like a "spy."

Her love for photos transcends to her Instagram account, as the actress updates her 7.8 million followers with photos of herself just like the one where she looked gorgeous in a yellow backless dress.

Other interesting items inside Taylor-Joy's bag included a handful of charms such as Carnelian, triple Aries, rose quartz, and California stone, which, according to her, "helps a lot with anxiety."

Calling the trinkets her "babies," Taylor-Joy revealed that she likes holding her crystals in one hand, and that she was made fun of by her friends because she sleeps with it, and she placed it in her makeup chair.

In a 2020 interview, Taylor-Joy also revealed that she had an amethyst she called "crystal dagger." The actress noted that the crystal was with her since she first went into the set of "The Witch."

The actress also revealed that she brings tarot cards with her, claiming that it was fun for her because she can do readings at a party.

When asked if there was someone she wanted to trade her bag with, she answered Cher and David Bowie, without furthering the details why.

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