Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Monday issued an executive order overruling President Biden's vaccine mandate on the lone star state.

Abbott signed Executive Order GA 40, contending that the COVID vaccine must not be forced on anyone. He acknowledged, though, that the jab is the best defense against the notorious disease.

"The COVID-19 is safe, effective, and our best defense against the virus, but should remain voluntary and never forced," the Texas governor said in a statement.

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Reproves President Biden's Vaccine Mandate

In the signed executive order, Abbott confirmed that his order was prompted by the vaccine mandate President Biden enforced, a move called by the governor as "federal overreach," NBC News reported.

Abbott also pointed out that the move announced by the current administration is "bullying" the private entities and "caused workforce disruptions." The governor then explained that the aftermath of the vaccine mandate in the lone star state threatened the continued recovery of Texas from the disaster caused by COVID-19.

Under the executive order, Abbott underscored that no entity in their state can force anyone such as employees and consumers to show vaccine proof on anyone who opposed the vaccination on the grounds of personal conscience, religious belief, medical reasons, or recovery from the notorious disease.

The executive order noted that the mandate shall remain in effect and full force unless Abbott modifies, amends, rescinds, or suspend the said order.

Aside from issuing the executive order, the Texas governor also sent a message to the state House of Representatives' chief clerk and the secretary of the state Senate. The said memo was a request to codify the recent mandate the Texas governor issued into a bill.

In the previous month, President Biden announced the vaccine mandate requiring companies with 100 or more employees to ensure that that their workforces would be vaccinated or subject to regular testing.

The said vaccine mandate that covers an estimated 80 million workers faced challenges as lawsuits from two dozen GOP attorney generals prompted some individuals to vow to quit their jobs.

President Biden on GOP Governors Pandemic Response

As the vaccine mandate was announced by the president, Biden threatened to use his authority against officials, such as Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott, who will not help him beat the pandemic.

"If they'll not help, if these governors won't help us beat pandemic, I'll use my power as president to get them out of the way," Biden said in early September.

It can be recalled that aside from the recent executive order Abbott issued, the Texas governor signed another executive order over the summer that bans local governments and school districts from requiring face masks and vaccines. A $1,000 fine will be given to those who will not comply.

In June, the state legislature was also known to pass a bill that bans private businesses from requiring proof of vaccinations.

Texas was not the only state to challenge Biden's vaccine mandates. Other Republican-led states such as Montana were known to pass a bill that banned the vaccine requirements of the employers. Meanwhile, Florida also banned businesses from requiring proof of vaccinations earlier this year.

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Written By: Joshua Summers

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