Nascar President Steve Phelps threatened to sue individuals who will use the famous political slogan "Let's Go, Brandon" with their trademarked merchandise or items with their logos in it.

Phelps said his comments about the political slogan, as he claimed that NASCAR does not want to be associated with politics, The Daily Wire reported.

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NASCAR President on the 'Let's Go Brandon' Slogan

Phelps sounded his comments after retired baseball star Lenny Dykstra posted a photo on Twitter last week, showing a man eating breakfast at a hotel wearing a black "Let's Go, Brandon" shirt with NASCAR's well-known logo with color bars.

Phelps noted that they will pursue legal action against those individuals who involved their logo with the famous political chant.

"We will pursue whoever (is using logos) and get that stuff... That's not OK. It's not OK that you're using our trademarks illegally regardless of whether we agree with what the position is," Phelps underscored.

USA Today reported that the political phrase is "seemingly ubiquitous" as it appeared on several items such as face masks and flags.

The NASCAR president also pointed out that they do not want to be connected to the "Let's Go, Brandon" slogan, claiming that they want to steer their league from politics.

"We do not want to associate ourselves with politics, the Left or the Right. We obviously have and we've always had, as a sport, tremendous respect for the office of the president - no matter who is sitting," Phelps underscored.

The Start of 'Let's Go, Brandon' Slogan

The "let's go Brandon" slogan started when NASCAR race car driver Brandon Brown won his first NASCAR Xfinity Series race on October 2, NPR reported.

The background of NBC's Kelli Stavast interview was heard chanting "F-Joe Biden," but Stavast said that the crowd was yelling "let's go, Brandon" in her broadcast.

It was unclear if Stavast misheard what the crowd was saying or if she was "purposely" trying to change the message yelled by the crowd.

The NASCAR president expressed his thoughts about the political chant rooting from their league.

"Do we like the fact that it kind of started with NASCAR and then is gaining ground elsewhere? No, we're not happy about that," Phelps underscored, adding that they will continue to make sure that they have respect for the Office of the President.

To date, the "Let's Go, Brandon" slogan is utilized by conservative groups and is continued to be used in place of the direct expletive toward President Joe Biden.

Some of the members of Congress were also seen sporting the slogan, just like Representative Jeff Duncan, who wore a mask with the political chant.

In a speech, Republican Representative Bill Posey also utilized "Let's Go, Brandon" on the House floor, as he concluded his remarks with a quick fist bump.

According to an Independent researcher, Hampton Stall, the phrase "Let's Go, Brandon" is "shareable and adaptable," which is why it became big. Stall also noted that the political slogan also received a large boost from alternative right-wing media and figures.

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Written By: Joshua Summers

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