Dog The Bounty Hunter has speculated that the skeletal remains found in a Florida park might not belong to Brian Laundrie.

Dog the Bounty Hunter, whose real name is Duane Chapman, offered his theory during a recent interview with YouTube channel "Popcorned Planet," where he said there was "absolutely wrong" about the case of Gabby Petito's fiance.

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Dog the Bounty Hunter on The Reactions of Brian Laundrie's Parents Upon Discovery of Remains

Dog the Bounty Hunter said one indication for him that the remains do not likely belong to Brian Laundrie was the lack of reaction from his parents when the remains were found, 

According to Daily Soap Dish, Duane Chapman noted that Laundrie's mom, Roberta Laundrie, seemed to wipe away just a single tear after being informed that her son's remains were only a few feet away from her.

Being a mom who gave birth to him, Chapman said one would expect her to scream, collapse, or at the very least sob openly. However, he noted that both parents showed almost no emotion, which was not a normal reaction of a parent who lost a child.

"If that were my child, I would be screaming, demanding to know if that were my baby," Dog the Bounty Hunter noted.

Dog The Bounty Hunter earlier said that Laundrie's parents were partially to blame for what happened to their son. The 68-year-old reality star told InTouch that Laundrie "might still be alive" if his parents had fully cooperated with authorities sooner.

"I believe if the Laundrie parents had fully cooperated from the beginning, Brian Laundrie might still be alive," Chapman noted.

Dog The Bounty Hunter Says 'Dentist' is a Relative of Brian Laundrie

Another "oddness" raised by Dog the Bounty Hunter was that the dentist involved in Brian Laundrie's case was a relative of Gabby Petito's fiance.

The FBI earlier announced that the skeletal remains discovered at the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park on October 20 belonged to Laundrie after a "comparison to known dental records."

According to Duane Chapman, the dentist that identified the dental records of Laundrie was his very own uncle.

Chapman also said he believes that there was a "deal" made between the Laundries and authorities in finding Laundrie's body, adding that he does not think the family was "criminal-minded enough" to do it on their own.

The reality star thinks the Laundrie family has pulled it all off with some help from the authorities. Because of this "craziness" surrounding the case, Dog the Bounty Hunter noted that for him, "there's a 50-50 chance it's (remains) not Brian."

long-time friend of Laundrie also believed that the elder Laundries likely informed the police about the location of their son's remains in exchange for immunity.

Laundrie's friend earlier told The Sun that the agreement would likely require the Laundrie's parents to "provide the necessary evidence to close the case" and help authorities locate their son in exchange for "immunity" for possible charges like harboring or assisting.

It can be recalled that after a month-long manhunt for their son, Christopher and Roberta Laundries directed the North Port police and FBI agents to a swampy area of the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park where Laundrie's remains, backpack, and notebook were found.

But the attorney for the family of Laundrie, Steven Bertolino, has disputed the claims about the "deal" struck by the elder Laundries.

Bertolino earlier told NBC that there were no deals made between Laundrie's parents and the FBI. Bertolino said there were "charges" discussed, but there was no threat, "no coercion, and no deal was cut."

He further noted that he had "no reason to believe" that Laundrie's parents would be charged with any crimes. Brian Laundrie has been the subject of a manhunt as investigators searched for clues in Gabby Petito's disappearance and death. 

Laundrie was named a person of interest by North Port police after returning home on September 1 or 10 days before Gabby Petito was reported missing by her family.

Petito disappeared on a cross-country road trip with Laundrie. The couple was traveling to Oregon when the YouTuber stopped communicating with her family in Wyoming in late August.

Gabby Petito's body was found at the Spread Creek Dispersed Campground near Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming on September 19. 

A Teton County, Wyoming coroner said she was strangled to death by a "human being," and the manner of death was homicide.

Meanwhile, the initial autopsy of Laundrie's remains did not uncover a cause or manner of his death. Bertolino said the remains of Gabby Petito's fiance were already sent to a forensic anthropologist for further examination. 

He noted that the results of the forensic anthropologist's examination are expected this month.

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