Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash broke his silence and revealed his current relationship with absent Nets star Kyrie Irving amid the ongoing vaccine drama.

Despite currently sitting at 10-4 standing, with some saying the Brooklyn Nets had an impressive start in their 2021-22 campaign, others still considered that they were not at their full potential

Brooklyn Nets Coach Steve Nash Shares Connection With Kyrie Irving

Fans were still arguing that the powerhouse team had yet to live up to fans and analysts' expectations before the start of the season.

The absence of star guard Kyrie Irving could not be denied that it had an adverse effect on the team in general. Irving was considered by many as one of the best point guards in the current game.

According to ClutchPoints, Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash recently opened up about his current relationship with the controversial basketball star Kyrie Irving. The Hall of Famer basketball player turned coach revealed that he had a connection with his absent point guard, but he clarified that they have not been talking about business all that much.

Nash noted that he kept in touch with his player, Kyrie Irving, despite his absence from team practices and games, but the two did not tackle any basketball-related topics at all.

"Kyrie, I stay in touch with Kyrie but we don't really talk about basketball just stay in touch and make sure everything is good with him," Nash said.

The Brooklyn Nets head coach kept his communication line open with Irving even though the Nets have barred him from joining the team because he refused to get vaccinated.

Nash said all their conversations have veered away from anything related to basketball and likely from the stand of Irving on the COVID vaccine as well.

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Steve Nash, Brooklyn Nets Struggle After Kevin Durant's Off Night

Some fans lauded Nash in keeping the communication lines open with his player despite not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel for Kyrie Irving and the Nets.

Despite the absence of Irving on the court, the Brooklyn Nets would need to carry on with their campaign since more teams emerged in the power rankings unexpectedly this season.

The Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday suffered from a loss against Kevin Durant's former team Golden State Warriors. The Nets were torched by Warriors' sniper Stephen Curry who had a spectacular night in the rainbow territory.

The Nets struggled in the second half of action after Kevin Durant ran out of gas in the third period which the Warriors capitalized. 

Durant had one of his lowest scoring production so far this season. He did not reach the 20-point mark for the first time this season.

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