A former staff of Vice President Kamala Harris said her office aides had to endure a "constant amount of soul-destroying criticism."

According to The Washington Post, some former staffers, who worked for Harris before she assumed the vice presidency, expressed concerns about what they discovered while working for Harris years ago. 

One of the issues was Harris' refusal to analyze briefing materials prepared by employees, Business Insider reported. As a result, the vice president would reportedly scold her employees if she appeared to be unprepared.

A former staff told The Post that it was clear that "you're not was not working with somebody who is willing to do the prep and the work."

The staffer noted that aside from the constant amount of "soul-destroying criticisms," staffers also have to put up with the vice president's lack of confidence.

"So you're constantly sort of propping up a bully, and it's not really clear why," the staffer added.

Also, San Francisco Gate reported that staffers reportedly do not want to be aligned or linked with Harris or branded a "Harris person" in the future.

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Vice President Kamala Harris' Staffers and Aides

A person familiar with the situation said burnout, better opportunities, and concern about being described as a "Harris person" were some of the factors behind the turnover in Harris' office.

Those close to the vice president's operation said some of the turnovers are natural as the team is exhausted after a busy year in office, particularly after a presidential campaign and busy transition, Axios reported.

One Democratic strategist noted that Kamala Harris needs someone loyal and can think methodically to best position the vice president while ensuring that everything Harris is doing is being maximized and communicated to a broad population.

Another Democratic operative close to Harris' office said the departures add pressure to her chief of staff, Tina Flournoy, to avoid an external criticism and internal collapse. Both Democratic staffers requested anonymity to Axios to speak freely.

A meeting last summer ensued after concerns about Harris' operation and treatment by the media. The meeting was between the Vice President and some of the most influential women in the Democratic Party.

The meeting tackled ways to defend Kamala Harris and chart a positive agenda. White House officials, including chief of staff Ron Klain and presidential adviser Cedric Richmond, had also defended Harris.

Employees Leaving Kamala Harris' Camp

On Wednesday, Kamala Harris' chief spokesperson and senior adviser, Symone Sanders, announced her departure at the end of the year.

White House officials and Kamala Harris have disputed claims of turmoil within the vice president's office as well as the tension between Harris and the West Wing, USA Today reported.

Sanders' announcement was the second departure from Harris' office within weeks. Harris' communications director Ashley Etienne also said last month that she was resigning to pursue other opportunities. 

Other expected exits include Peter Velz, which is the vice president's director of press operations, and Vince Evans, the deputy director of the Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs for Kamala Harris.

Meanwhile, allies of the vice president see the criticism as a consequence of her being the first female, first Black, and first Indian American to hold the vice presidency.

Many also feel as though there's a hint of sexism mixed in with some of the public reports about her office. A partner at political consultancy Bearstar Strategies, Sean Clegg, said that Kamala Harris had a firm disposition but was not abusive.

Clegg noted that he never felt that the vice president treated him in an unreasonable manner.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said it was natural for staffers who have put their heart and soul into a job to be ready to move on to a new challenge after a few years.

Psaki added that it was also an opportunity for the White House to bring in new faces and perspectives.

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Written by: Mary Webber

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