In the light of the "bullying claims" about the Vice President, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki defended Kamala Harris and her office on Monday, saying that aides working for Harris are "looking forward" to continuing their jobs with the official.

The press sought Psaki's comments on the issue after several top aides for Harris topped the headlines as they left her office.

"I would point you to the Vice President's office, but I work with a lot of people with the Vice President's office who certainly are looking forward to continuing their jobs," the White House Press Secretary said on the briefing.

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Kamala Harris' Aide Posting how He "Love" His Job

Psaki's claims about Harris' aides also came as the vice president's deputy director, David Gins, took to Twitter to share how he "loves" his role in Kamala's office, the Independent reported.

"Hi. My name is David Gins. I work for Vice President Harris on behalf of the American people as Deputy Director for Operations and absolutely love my job. Just thought some of you should know," Gins noted. Gins accompanied his post with a photo of him seated at his desk, wearing a blank expression on his face.

Users were quick to criticize Gins' post. One user said that Gins' post sounded "like a hostage video."

Another user zoomed in on the cable ties on Gins' monitor, asking the deputy director how he handles his job if he can't even "manage his cables."

But not all users criticized the Gins' photo and statement, as some user expressed their gratitude to the deputy director and thanked him for his service.

The Twitter post reached the walls of the White House on Monday, as a reporter asked Jen Psaki if Gins was directed by anyone in Harris' office to post the tweet. However, Psaki said she was not aware if there were any orders about a tweet.

"I'm not aware of any asks for any positive tweets or any specific tweet," Psaki underscored.

Kamala Harris' Bullying Allegations

Recently, Vice President Kamala Harris was dubbed as a "bully" who caused a "constant amount of soul-destroying criticisms" among her staff.

According to reports, some former staffers who worked for Harris before she was hailed as the vice president expressed their concerns about what they discovered while working for Harris years ago.

Harris allegedly refused to analyze briefing materials prepared by her aides, and then the vice president would allegedly scold them if she was unprepared. Furthermore, Harris' staffers would also put up with the vice president's "lack of confidence."

"So you're constantly working with a bully, and it's not clear why," the unnamed staffer said.

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Written By: Joshua Summers

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