Your last Christmas paycheck could be affected by a new ransomware attack. This new security breach specifically targeted Ultimate Kronos Group, an American multinational technology company that helps other businesses and agencies with their employee payrolls. 

Your Christmas Paycheck Threatened by a New Ransomware Attack | Several Big Companies Affected
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KHON2 reported that the clients of UKG were also affected, such as Honolulu Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Board of Water Supply (BWS), and other big names. 

As of the moment, the issue is still unresolved. But, UKG makes sure that it provides the latest updates whenever they find some new details in their ongoing investigation regarding the ransomware attack. 

"We're providing an update for customers who have questions regarding time and attendance collection during this period," said UKG via its official website

Your Christmas Paycheck Might be Affected

According to NBC News' latest report, the major payroll company is still crippled by the latest ransomware attack. However, the giant financial firm still wasn't able to identify the hacking group behind the security breach. 

Your Christmas Paycheck Threatened by a New Ransomware Attack | Several Big Companies Affected
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"UKG is continuing to explore other potential options and will provide additional recommendations specific to customers' products and clock models soon," said the Ultimate Kronos Group. 

Most U.S. residents should receive their final paychecks by Dec. 17. However, the salaries might be delayed depending on the actual impact of the new system breach. 

Meanwhile, a Kronos spokesperson said that they are still undecided if they would pay the demand of the hackers behind the security attack. You can view this link to see more details.  

Other Affected UKG Clients

Aside from the mentioned companies, there are also other giant firms that were affected by the latest UKG system breach. 

These include Honda, one of the largest traditional automakers, as well as Gamestop and Whole Foods. Local government agencies are also experiencing the impact of the cyberattack, such as the state of West Virginia and Cleveland city, which both rely on Kronos for dispursing payrolls to their employees.  

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