Actor Johnny Knoxville will start his 2022 with pain and thrill as he announced that he will enter WWE Royal Rumble ahead of his upcoming film "Jackass Forever."

Knoxville took to social media to announce his plan to enter the competition. WWE also announced that Knoxville would join the match with at least 30 pro wrestlers battling in the ring.

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Johnny Knoxville to Enter WWE Royal Rumble

On New Year's Day, the actor took to Instagram to post a video of himself and announced his biggest plans yet for 2022, which is entering the Royal Rumble on January 29, Comingsoon reported.

"I want to do something else, something big. That's right. I wanna make a run for the rumble. I am talking about the WWE's Royal Rumble," Knoxville said.

Aside from announcing his plans of entering the WWE Royal Rumble, Johnny Knoxville also said that among the 30 wrestlers who will participate in the competition, he would be the last man standing, touting that he was not impressed with the "current list" of fighters in the competition.

"You know I've seen the current list of WWE wrestlers and frankly, I'm not impressed. They don't have anyone big enough to throw me over the top rope. What is Little E and Roman Ruins going to do it," Knoxville said.

The "Jackass Forever" actor also called out to Vince McMahon, urging the WWE CEO to audition "bigger" and "tougher" talent for this year's Royal Rumble, warning that he does not want to hurt anyone.

Knoxville then concluded his video by sharing what his shirt says.

"Just like the shirt says, Johnny Knoxville, World Champ, woohoo," the actor noted.

In the video's caption, Knoxville said his training started on the same day he posted the promotional video, Wrestling Inc. reported.

Knoxville also said he would "channel" his wrestling heroes such as The Rock, Abdullah, Gorilla Monsoon, and the Butcher to give himself a better chance of victory.

"The way I'm looking at it, I am giving myself a %100 chance of winning," Knoxville noted.

Johnny Knoxville is not the first celebrity to enter the WWE competition. It can be recalled that Stephen Amell and Mr. T had notable matches. Other athletes such as Shaquille O'Neal, Snooki, and Floyd Mayweather also entered the wrestling league.

Johnny Knoxville on 'Jackass Forever'

Johnny Knoxville will enter the royal ring ahead of their upcoming film "Jackass Forever," which is scheduled to come out in theaters on February 4.

The story of the new installment of Knoxville's film will revolve around the Jackass crew once again coming together to show another round of wildly absurd, hilarious, and dangerous displays of comedic stunts.

Aside from Johnny Knoxville, Chris Pontus, Dave England, Wee Man, Preston Lacy, and Steve-O will also appear in the film.

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