A city from New Mexico announced that they will install baby boxes, days after a teen mom from their state tossed her son in the dumpster of a store.

The New Mexico's City of Española is the first city in its state to install the baby box, storage where infants can be safely and anonymously surrendered, New York Post reported.

Española Mayor Javier Sanchez said that they are "thrilled" about the development of their city.

"We are finally at a point where we're going to install our first baby box in the Española Fire Station and we are thrilled about that," Sanchez highlighted.

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First Baby Box in Española, New Mexico

Española's attorneys approved the agreement with the company and are finalizing the details with the city council.

In a statement to Fox News, founder, and CEO of Safe Haven Baby Boxes based in Indiana, Monica Kelsey, said that they were excited to collaborate with New Mexico in ensuring that mothers in crisis "have a 100 percent safe and anonymous option to surrender their newborns."

Assistant Fire Chief from Española Fire Department John Wickersham also claimed that the baby box that will be installed in their station is "temperature regulated" and has an alarm system that will go off and notify them when they are not in their station.

Wickersham noted that upon getting notified by the said alarm, their men will then respond within three minutes.

The Safe Haven baby box costs around $20,000 each to install. Then the city will have to lease with the company that costs $200 per year, prompting the city in New Mexico to accept donations in covering the costs.

Española Mayor Sanchez said that they reached with the mayor in Hobbs in the light of the recent incident that involved a newborn and an 18-year-old mother.

"I called the mayor in Hobbs and was telling me a little bit about the situation and what's going on... As we got to talking, we said, we need to put one of these [baby box] in all of our cities," Sanchez said.

The Española mayor then revealed that they will bring the topic to their next mayor's conference to talk to those who are interested.

New Mexico Teen Mom Tosses Baby in the Dumpster

The Española city's move to install a baby box in their fire station came days after a New Mexico teen mom made headlines this week after she tossed her newborn son in a dumpster.

On Friday, 18-year-old Alexis Avila was recorded by a surveillance video when she threw a black trash bag with her newborn baby inside at the dumpster in Rig Outfitters.

The baby in the trash bag was discovered by three individuals who were dumpster diving in the area and informed the authorities about the situation.

The baby was brought to a hospital in Hobbs. Then he was transferred to Lubbock, Texas. The baby was diagnosed with hypothermia at that time, but the baby was in stable condition as of Monday.

The New Mexico teen mom was charged with attempted murder and child abuse.

It was not the first time that a baby was thrown away like garbage in New Mexico. In 2019, officials from the state said that they found a deceased baby inside a trash bag.

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Written By: Joshua Summers

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