Texas teen Adalia Rose Williams has passed away at the age of 15 after her fight against the "Benjamin Button" disease, which is a rare genetic illness.

Williams was diagnosed as a baby with Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome. The announcement of her passing was posted on her Facebook page, according to a New York Post report.

The post received around 714,000 reactions, with 138,000 comments and 93,000 shares. The post read that Williams is no longer in pain and is now "dancing away to all the music she loves."

Many fans have left their comments and expressed love and support below the post. They all hoped that Williams "rest in peace."

Williams was also known as a YouTube content creator. She posted across other social media platforms as well, documenting her life and showing the realities of navigating the world while having the progressive condition that she was diagnosed with at just three months old.

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Adalia Rose Williams Life Across Social Media Platforms

Williams garnered 2.91 million subscribers on YouTube and 379,000 Instagram followers, according to a Daily Mail report.

Williams' mother, Natalia Pallante, said that the doctors had noticed something wrong during the first few months of the birth of her child.

Pallante said that when Williams was born doctors were not very happy with her growth.

She added that it was one of the symptoms that first showed up. In addition, the skin on William's "tummy was really tight and just different looking."

Williams received her diagnosis at three months and soon started losing her hair. The veins also became visible while her skin thinned out.

Williams eventually got several siblings after her mother met Ryan.

Ryan said that they just treat Williams just like a normal kid and try to give her the best life, adding that they do not mention the word "progeria" frequently.

Pallante said that her daughter had had struggles, citing incidents wherein the teen would sometimes wish that "she looked like everybody else" and could do what everybody else can do.

Williams' mother continued on and said that her daughter would then say, "who needs hair anyway," saying that she has a lot of wigs and can have different hair every day.

Pallante described Williams as "rambunctious," and that she loved watching her grow.

The family thanked the doctors and nurses that worked for years to keep Williams healthy, according to a Mirror report.

Williams became popular when she uploaded her video dancing to PSY's Gangnam Style and Vanilla Icewere. It went viral in 2015.

Michael Costello, who is known for being Jennifer Lopez's designer, had gifted the YouTube star dresses for her birthday in December 2019. One of the gowns was a Princess Jasmine costume from the film Aladdin, while the other was a one-shoulder fuchsia gown.

Costello said on Instagram that he always struggles thinking of a name when people ask him who is his favorite celebrity to dress. He then thanked Williams for the chance to dress her.

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