According to The Denver Post, manufacturers of edible marijuana in Colorado face tougher rules as the State has decided to adopt more rules and regulations on potency, packaging and serving size of the recreational drug on Thursday. These new guidelines come in response to the concern of overconsumption of the chemical by consumers, especially by less experienced consumers.

Products that contain 100 milligrams of THC, which is the maximum amount allowed by the state law, will have to be replaced with products that can easily be broken into smaller pieces with 10 milligrams or less. Instead of putting the edibles in a big bag, they have to be divided into smaller single-serve packages.

Another regulation that producers will have to conform to is the requirement to put the edible items in child-resistant packaging before they are shipped to the stores instead of relying on stores to package the products themselves at the point of purchase.

Liquids that can be ingested must also be placed in transparent child-resistant containers that are properly labeled with the appropriate serving size. Pot users must be able to tell how much edible marijuana they have consumed with the markings on the packaging so that they will be able to determine their level of intoxication, The Durango Herald reported.

The state decided to adopt these emergency measures to protect the its citizens from consuming too much marijuana, especially after reports of consumers ingesting too much THC. Other proposals also say that packaging should indicate that the food products contain marijuana since the products currently come in packaging that does not give them a distinct appearance and makes them look like non-THC items.

The new regulations should help consumers identify edibles and help them measure how much they have ingested to avoid any danger of overconsumption. It also helps keep the drug away from the reach of children.