Gael García Bernal and Dolores Fonzi have been together for more than six years, but they may be calling it quits.

A magazine reported that last week Bernal was seen leaving his shared home with the actress. He moved to the Colegiales neighborhood in Buenos Aires, noted Primicias Ya.

Bernal has been traveling a lot, which is said to have driven a wedge between the couple. Because Fonzi is also an actress, she is unable to accompany him on his trips.

The magazine also said that the Mexican actor is very affected, and he misses his children. The couple has two children, Lazaro, 5, and Libertad, 3.

Fonzi made a comment on Twitter that many believe is about her relationship with Bernal.

"I fall and I get back up," she said. "Barely."

Neither star has commented on the reports; the couple is very quiet about their personal lives.

Earlier this year, Fonzi gave a small look into her life to THC magazine. The actress spoke about smoking marijuana in front of her children.

"I do what I need to do during the day," she said. "I take the children to the garden. I feed them. I bathe them. I give them dinner. Then, I smoke, and it's how I break with everyday obligations. I use it to read, to see movies or sleep. They [my children] see it and realize that it's not a common cigarette."

She added that she doesn't hide her marijuana use from her children, and thinks it's something she can talk to her children about. Though, she wouldn't encourage or deny them from using it when they are older.

Fonzi has been smoking for 20 years and first used it as a tool to open up.

"Now I use it to relax," she said. "It's like a glass of wine that we taste."