With no compromise from Congress on comprehensive immigration reform, President Barack Obama could issue an executive order as soon as September.

According to White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest, President Obama could take executive action because of Congressional inaction. During Monday's press briefing, Earnest said that for over a year, the Obama administration has worked closely with the U.S. Senate and the "law enforcement community, the business community, the evangelical community" for legislation addressing the "broken" immigration system. While the legislation passed the Senate, Earnest noted the Republicans in the House of Representatives have engaged in "legislative strategy" and prevented the immigration reform bill from being debated on the House floor.

"We know that if that bill were allowed to be considered by the House of Representatives that it would pass with a bipartisan majority of votes. But the House Republican leadership and some of the more extreme elements of the House Republican conference have prevented that from happening," Earnest said. "So again, they're not just opposing this compromise; they're not just willing to vote no on a common-sense piece of legislation; they're actually preventing all of their colleagues from casting a vote on this common-sense piece of legislation."

The White House press secretary told reporters that Obama has allowed House Republicans to identify priorities they wish to include in the bill, but the administration has seen "absolutely no movement" from the GOP. Due to the inaction from the House, Obama directed Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Attorney General Eric Holder to provide options and recommendations to help ease the immigration problems.

"At this point, because that review is still ongoing, I'm not in a position to speculate about what that review might ultimately conclude. The time frame for that review is the end of the summer, and the President expects to carefully consider their review and act on it relatively quickly," Earnest said.

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Earnest said the president's decision to use executive action is the result of congressional failure, while there's "broad support" from Americans across the country.

"If, however, Congress returns from their August recess, comes to their senses and decides that they actually should consider a common-sense set of reforms for our broken immigration system, the President would be happy for that piece of legislation to supersede the executive actions that he's taken to address this problem," Earnest said.

Earnest said the president could take executive action by the end of the summer or fall.

"That is the trigger. Because House Republicans are blocking common-sense reforms that have already been passed through the Senate, the president is not going to stand by and not allow any solutions to be put in place. The president is going to consider what solutions he can put in place within the confines of the law," Earnest said.

While Earnest did not specify the possible recommendations or actions the president could take, reports suggest a range of options, including amnesty. With approximately 11 million or more undocumented immigrants living in the U.S., Obama could use his authority to ease the threat of deportation. The administration has already deported over two million people. A second option is an expansion of the DACA program. Another possibility is allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain temporary work permits.


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