"Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" will have its grand finale on Aug. 15 in the United States. (Read the finale spoilers here.)

The show has taken viewers on a wave of emotions. For example, at the very beginning Montserrat was set to be with Jose Luis, but she eventually fell in love with Alejandro.

This began a love triangle -- and sometimes a square if you count Maria and her meddling ways -- that dominated the show. And when Alejandro is thought to be dead, Montserrat is ready to move on with Jose Luis again.

Of course, he eventually returns, and things become complicated once again.

The show has been such a hit for Univision. For example, it helped the network finish as the No. 1 broadcast network for people aged 18-34 from Aug. 4 to Aug. 10, according to TV by the Numbers.

And throughout its run people have taken to sharing memes and pictures about the show. Here are the best ones to relive the series.

Since the show already ended in Mexico, people have exhibited withdrawals. One shared a picture of Lionel Messi crying on the floor. The image says, "Nooo the novela is over. It's 9:25 and it's not on."

Another person perfectly captured people's reactions through Harry Styles. She said, "Everyone at seeing the ending of lo que la vida me robó."

Some people instead decided to get creative about possible plots for the telenovela and showed it off in cartoon form. In one, Rosario is pictured throwing Graciela from her wheelchair. In reality, it is Dimitrio who does this to Graciela.

Disney princesses were joined by a cartoon Frida Kahlo, and they sit around a table drinking.

"All of the women seeing how the entire cast of Lo Que La Vida Me Robó dies," a Twitter user said.

Others decide to deal with the pain by crying.

"Watching three episodes I've missed Of Lo Que la Vida Me Robo like...," someone said and shared a crying face.

And people had a little fun at Montserrat's expense.

In a four-panel image, Montserrat expresses disgust, anger, sadness and then she gets an idea.

Just as consumed as Montserrat was with Alejandro, there was also Jose Luis, who wanted nothing else but to be with Montserrat. And some thought this was hilarious.

The image says, "Please JL! Separating Monse from Ale will not make her love you."

Above all, people proved to be very dedicated to the show.

One user said they started watching the show and they were already "hooked."

And one person was very upset that Univision recently cut "Lo Que La Vida Me Robó" because of an award show. The very funny image says, "You're missing Jesus." 

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