Sony released their new video game console, the PlayStation 4, on Friday. If you weren't enough of a diehard gamer to attend a midnight launch event and be one of the first to get a PS4, here's how to figure out where to get one with the least amount of effort.

If you did not already get your hands on a PS4 by attending a late night launch event, you may still be in luck.

"Most likely, we won't sell out tonight," an employee at a Sony store in Palo Alto, Calif. told Forbes during the store's midnight launch event.

The employee was right, with the PS4 supply about twice as large as the crowd of around 150 that showed up to the midnight launch, Forbes reported.

There are a few different ways to see if a store near you carries a PS4 without braving crowds of hardcore gamers.

If you would like to buy your PS4 from a Frys, Best Buy or GameStop store, check out the BuyVia App. The app checks these stores' PS4 stocks once a day. Of course, this means that the app is not 100 percent accurate, but it could be less annoying than waiting in a busy store and possibly leaving empty-handed.

BuyVia also makes a PS4 tracker that allows you to look for the video game console on online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Sony and Walmart. Online stores are more likely to be sold out, however, so act quickly.

Some Walmarts are likely to still have PS4s in stock as well. You can check their PS4 stock here, and see if your local store has the system in stock before you even leave the house.

Finally, you can always call your local electronics store and ask an employee, but be prepared to be put on hold, for inaccurate, confusing responses and maybe even some stressed-out-employee-sass.

THe PS4 starts at $399.99 with prices increasing depending on the type of bundle you'd like.