Apple fans are waiting closely for the next iOS jailbreak release, but they should also approach this waiting period carefully.

There have been reports of several fake jailbreaks and even fake Twitter accounts claiming to be the iOS 7 jailbreakers. The actual jailbreak team -- known as the Evad3rs -- have sent out tweets to fans to remind them that there is a difference between their actual Twitter account.

"Really sick of the fake, @evad3rs_jb ‪and their FB and G+ pages spreading speculation that people think come from us," one Evad3rs jailbreaker, @Planetbeing, said on Twitter.

One of the unverified account goes by the name of @Evad3rs_iOS7 and has only made two tweets so far, with the most recent one being on Nov. 11. The tweet read, "UPDATE: The #iOS7 jailbreak will be a one click method via Windows/OSX/Linux, once you enter DFU mode. DFU Explained: ‪"

After many people started to tweet at that unverified account, a developer and hacker by the name of Rishabh tweeted a warning message saying that the @Evad3rs_ios7 account is illegitimate.

"For the tons of people asking about ‪@evad3rs_ios7 - its fake," he wrote. "The real account is ‪@evad3rs. Retweet & spread the message :)"

People have continued to push the evad3rs with hopes that the jailbreak will indeed be released sooner rather than later.

"All I want for Christmas is the ios7 jailbreak to come out," @YungTaco tweeted. Another user by the name of Dorian Claggett asked, "When is this ios7 jailbreak gonna come out though?" At the end of his tweet he included a frustrated crying emoticon to express just how much he wants the Evad3rs to crack the iOS code.

Unfortunately users will probably have to wait until 2014, especially as the calendar year wraps up next month. But with the holidays just around the corner, who knows if they'll be in for a special gift.