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iOS 7 Evad3rs Jailbreak News and Download Rumors: iPad 2 Now Works With Jailbreak

The iOS 7 jailbreak release has been plagued with piracy and a breach of trust between the Evad3rs and the now-ditched Chinese Taig App Store, but there has been some good news in the last 24 hours

iOS 7 Jailbreak Released By Evad3rs! Untethered Jailbreak Now Available for Download

After months of speculation, rumors, and updates, the Evad3rs finally released the anticipated iOS 7 jailbreak
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iOS 7 jailbreak News and Download Rumors 2013: Evad3rs Developer Provides Update

It seems that the Evad3rs are still actively working on the iOS 7 jailbreak after one of the developers responded to a fan on Twitter
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iOS 7 Jailbreak News and Download Rumors: Crowdfund Reward for Jailbreak Is Now Nearly $6,000

The iOS 7 jailbreak crowdfunding idea has resulted in mixed reviews from the tech community
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Crowdfund Offers Reward in Exchange For iOS 7 Jailbreak Release

Roughly three months after the release of Apple's new operating system, iOS 7 users are still without a jailbreak option. To solve that, a crowd fund has been started for the person who is able to develop an open source jailbreak.
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Users Looking For iOS 7 Jailbreak On Newer iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c Models

The long awaited iOS 7 jailbreak could be released anytime but the long wait up to this point has prompted some fans to ditch their old jailbreaks in order to update to the new operating system that is now more than two months old
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iOS 7 Evad3rs Jailbreak News and Download Rumors: The Next Jailbreak Is Worth The Wait

Jailbreak developers have been under pressure to come through with a new iOS 7 jailbreak release, but all expectations for an imminent release should be put to rest
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Avoid Press Releases Offering Fake iPhone Jailbreak

Gossip on Twitter and various websites have indicated that the next iOS jailbreak has been released but suspicion arose after no announcement was ever made by the Evad3rs, the main group known for releasing reliable jailbreaks
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iOS 7 Jailbreak News, Download & Release Date: Beware of Fake Jailbreaks

Apple fans are waiting closely for the next iOS jailbreak release, but they should also approach this waiting period carefully.
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iOS 7 Jailbreak Devs Now Waiting For Apple To Release iOS 7.1?

Rumors are suggesting that we may not see an iOS 7 Jailbreak release until Apple updates the operating system to 7.1

Evad3rs Devs 'Still Working Hard' Ahead of Possible Feb. 2014 iOS 7 Jailbreak Debut

There is still no word about an iOS 7 jailbreak happening anytime soon, but the Evad3rs posted a tweet last week saying that they are "still working hard on the iOS jailbreak."
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iOS 7 Jailbreak News and Download Rumors: Devs Lounging By Pool Instead of Working On Jailbreak

Developers are working hard towards the next iPhone jailbreak - or are they?
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iOS 7 Jailbreak Devs Say It's Safe to Update to iOS 7.0.3

After jailbreak developers initially expressed concern about whether the iOS 7.0.3 should be downloaded by people who want to jailbreak their phones in the future, it looks like everyone now has the green light to go forward with the update

iOS 7 Jailbreak News, Download & Release Date: Devs Say 'Stay Away' From iOS 7.0.3 For Now

An iPhone jailbreak developer warned other jailbreakers that it remains unclear whether a jailbreak would work on the updated iOS 7.0.3, which was released earlier this week during Apple's event.

iOS 7 Jailbreak Devs Promise Results But Downplay Speculation

The Evad3rs have been working hard towards the jailbreak but wouldn't say much in order to prevent any sudden speculation
The iPhone 5 home screen in iOS 7 Beta 2 as released by Apple.

iOS 7 Jailbreak News and Download Rumors: How Soon WIll a Jailbreak Be Released? [POLL]

The elusive iOS 7 jailbreak is apparently still in the works after it was reported that the Evad3rs group of hackers were abroad for an iOS hacking training session
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