Rumors are suggesting that we may not see an iOS 7 Jailbreak release until Apple updates the operating system to 7.1.

Adam Mills at wrote that this was a similar process carried out last year during the iOS 6 release; he also wondered if perhaps the jailbreakers also wanted to wait for Apple to finish with all of their holiday season releases before posting a release date.

"Last year, we saw the team release a jailbreak for iOS after Apple released iOS 6.1," Mills wrote. "And with the team said to be making strides and with an iPad mini with Retina Display release in the cards for November, the team could be holding back in an effort to deploy as wide of a release as possible."

The developers have provided updates throughout the fall as iOS users have waited for a new jailbreak. Although they said that they "might have all the pieces at this point (but not certain yet)," they are also waiting on Apple to see if there will be any new releases or updates. If so, that could force the jailbreakers to regroup and start all over again to determine a new way to break through Apple's security features.

The iOS 7 Operating System was released on Sept. 18 and the iPhone 5s and 5c were also rolled out in the same month. Although the 5s has seen considerable success in the early going, the 5c has not matched it. In fact, Apple announced that they were going to cut back on the production of the 5c since the demand is nowhere near that of the 5s.