Evad3rs Member Says We Should 'Expect' iOS 8 Jailbreak; iOS 7.1 Update Doubtful

Despite Apple's announcement this week about the release of iOS 7.1.1, the chances of an iOS 7.1 Jailbreak update are starting to slip away.

Evad3rs Remain Quiet; Will They Shift iOS Jailbreak Focus To iOS 8?

The Evad3rs have yet to make an announcement regarding the status of the iOS 7.1 Jailbreak and the only device that is said to have been jailbroken on iOS 7.1 is the iPhone 4, according to reports.

Will The Evad3rs Release an iOS 7.1 Jailbreak? [POLL]

Apple's iOS 7 operating system has caused headaches for jailbreakers, and now it appears the latest 7.1 update is a difficult one to crack for the Evad3rs.

Auxo 2 Tweak Released Today on iOS 7 Jailbreak; What About The iOS 8 Jailbreak?

People in the jailbreak community have been waiting on the edge of their seats for the newest edition of A3 Tweaks' 'Auxo 2'. Today, the wait is finally over

Evad3rs Remain Silent; What Does The iOS 7.1 Update Means For Jailbreakers?

Now that iOS 7 has been available for a half of a year, jailbreakers are at that in-between stage when the next operating system is probably just around the corner, but not released yet.
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iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Shown on iPhone 4, But What About iPhone 4s, 5s, & 5c? [WATCH]

Just days after everyone was jumping to conclusions about Apple wiping out the iOS 7 jailbreak forever, the hackers have turned the tables once again.

Save, Log Snapchat Photos In New iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweak

There seems to be a neverending list of apps and tweaks for Apple users who have jailbroken their iPhone or iPad devices.
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iOS 7 Jailbreak News and Download Rumors 2014: Tips For Jailbreaking Your Device -- Is it Safe?

The iOS 7 jailbreak has been popular since it was released by the Evad3rs group right before the end of 2013, but many people still wonder whether a jailbreak is a risky move

Jailbreak iOS 7 Download 2014: New 7.x Untether 0.3 Update Available

The iOS 7 jailbreak 7.x Untether 0.3 update is now available via Cydia, the Evad3rs announced on Twitter

iPad 2 Jailbreak iOS 7: Why People Say The Evad3rs Jailbreak Is Best On Newer Devices

The iOS 7 jailbreak download may be better suited for the newest and most recent devices
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Evad3rs Address iPad WiFi Reboot Loop; Should You Download iOS 7 Jailbreak?

The Evaders are working out the tweaks with the iOS 7 Jailbreak after a controversial and buggy Christmastime release in the final week of 2013
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iOS 7 Evad3rs Jailbreak News and Download Rumors: iPad 2 Now Works With Jailbreak

The iOS 7 jailbreak release has been plagued with piracy and a breach of trust between the Evad3rs and the now-ditched Chinese Taig App Store, but there has been some good news in the last 24 hours
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iOS 7 Jailbreak News: Evad3rs Pull Taig Following Piracy Concerns

The iOS 7 jailbreak release has not been as smooth as the Evad3rs hoped
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Piracy, Saurik Drama Highlights First Day of iOS 7 Jailbreak

Within the 24 hours following the sudden iOS 7 jailbreak release, several questions had been raised about topics ranging from piracy to the app store known as "Cydia."

iOS 7 Jailbreak Released By Evad3rs! Untethered Jailbreak Now Available for Download

After months of speculation, rumors, and updates, the Evad3rs finally released the anticipated iOS 7 jailbreak
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Still No iOS 7 Jailbreak Update; Crowdfund Jackpot Grows

The popular hacking group that has racked over a quarter of a million followers on Twitter has not sent out any tweets since one October 29 post that indicated that the group was "working hard on the iOS7 jailbreak"
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