It seems that the Evad3rs are still actively working on the iOS 7 jailbreak after one of the developers responded to a fan on Twitter.

"Can't wait for a jailbreak so I can change these scratch drawings icons on iOS 7!! Fingers and toes crossed for ya boys ;-) @Evaders," Melissa Archer (@_Melissa Archer) said.

Nikias Bassen (@pimskeks), who works as one of the members of the Evad3rs, responded directly to the tweet by saying "don't worry Cray!"

The tech community has been desperate for a new iOS jailbreak ever since the new iOS 7 operating system was released in September. With 2014 on the horizon and the holiday season already in full swing, we shouldn't expect any kind of special release until the dust settles. However, the tweet from the Evad3rs member helps reinforce the likelihood of a jailbreak in the not so distant future.

In an attempt to speed things up, there has reportedly been a crowdfund reward for the person who is able to release an iOS 7 jailbreak, but it is not yet known whether the Evad3rs would accept anything like that since they have released only free jailbreaks without receiving the compensation from charging the users.

People have remained vociferous on Twitter about their desire for an iOS 7 jailbreak as soon as possible.

"When will the #jailbreak be out. Need it for ios 7.0.4 miss my tweaks anyone have any news on this ?" said Matthew Lane (@MattUltimate189)."

The Evad3rs have been relative quiet ever since they said months ago that they were working on the jailbreak. Besides the previously mentioned tweet, they have left most people in the dark about an idea for a release date.

"@planetbeing can you give us just a little ios 7 jailbreak update??? Nothing big just something to hold us over for a bit?" @Austin_Skater said on Twitter to one of the Evad3rs developers.

The bottom line, at this point, seems to be that the jailbreak will eventually come out -- but not just yet. Wait for the holiday season to wind down and perhaps we could expect a release in the early portion of 2014.