The long awaited iOS 7 jailbreak could be released anytime but the long wait up to this point has prompted some fans to ditch their old jailbreaks in order to update to the new operating system that is now more than two months old.

It was reported that the majority of iOS users had updated to the new operating system within just days of its release, but others held out some hope that the Evad3rs would come through by now.

"Going to have to lose my jailbreak and update to iOS 7," said a Twitter user by the name of North Philly Rep. who claims to be a graphic designer.

Although the iOS 7 is the most recent operating system to be released by Apple, it has not necessarily experienced the best reception. Many people quickly started complaining about issues ranging from motion sickness to a suddenly lower battery power threshold. Even worse, some have said that their phones do not even charge anymore on the new operating system.

The issues surrounding iOS 7 could be yet another reason why people want the ability to jailbreak the newer phones on the current operating system. Those who want the jailbreak will be able to further customize their phones according to their preferences, which would ease the problems that have resulted from iOS 7.

While the older phones are said to have the highest chance of getting jailbroken - partly due to fewer walls of security to break through - many still are hoping to see a jailbreak not just for iOS 7 but for the newest Apple iPhones as well.

"Can the IOS 7 jailbreak come out for iPhone 5 already!" one user tweeted. Others have remained wary; one other person  (@bangles954) said in a tweet that she would be only jailbreaking her iPhone 4, saying she is "not messing with my 5s,"

Whether the jailbreak comes out on the newer phones or not is yet to be seen, but iOS users seem to be much more concerned with the actual operating system instead of the model of the phone or device. The Evad3rs have said that they are still working on it and at this point we have little choice but to sit back and wait for the next update from the developers.