Jailbreak developers have been under pressure to come through with a new iOS 7 jailbreak release, but all expectations for an imminent release should be put to rest.

The Twitter community has repeatedly drilled the Evad3rs - the hackers that have been a reliable source of a jailbreak - but the group has remained very quiet about what they plan to do next. Without a realistic timeframe, it is extremely difficult to predict when the release would be.

To complicate things even further, the jailbreakers have faced additional obstacles from Apple as the tech giant continues to crack down on hackers that interfere with the Apple brand. Tighter security in the operating system and in the actual devices has made it an uphill battle for the developers who have had to search for new ways to crack the code.

People who are eager to jailbreak their phones should be very skeptical of any other sources of jailbreaks - especially the ones that cost money. There have been several websites as well as tweets that continue to advertise fake claims as a way to exploit the people who are most desperate to have their phones jailbroken.

Combining each of these factors with the fact that the holiday season has arrived makes for a highly doubtful release in the near future. Thus, it will probably be 2014 before the iOS users will be able to get the next jailbreak update. But as difficult as it has been for many people, it is clear at this point that it is most certainly worth the wait.