Gossip on Twitter and various websites have indicated that the next iOS jailbreak has been released but suspicion arose after no announcement was ever made by the Evad3rs, the main group known for releasing reliable jailbreaks.

Fake groups claiming to offer improved jailbreaks have been sending out press releases to various media but the groups were quickly exposed as fake. Techie News reported that they received the press release but soon realized it was illegitimate. The jailbreak was said to have been between $29.90 and $49.90 and that immediately sent up red flags since the legitimate jailbreaks have always been free. People have repeatedly said to disregard any jailbreak offers with a price tag attached to it.

According to Techie News, the press release said that the jailbreak covered iOS 7 and 7.0.3. The website published part of the press release as written below.

"The iJBP iPhone Jailbreak allows for iPhone models of the latest iOS 7 and iOS 7.0.3 to break free from Apple restrictions. With the enhanced Jailbreak software, two-thirds of iPhone owners who have upgraded to the latest iOS can enjoy their mobile device to the fullest."

Techie News is not the only source that has warned about this. According to Action Fraud's account on Twitter, the scammers are "targeting users through press releases."

Among other things, the jailbreak claimed to have jailbroken the iPhone 5s, which would already be difficult to believe considering that the jailbreakers were having a difficult time with creating a jailbreak for any iPhone model beyond the iPhone 4.

Anyone looking to jailbreak an iPhone anytime soon should probably expect a few months of waiting. Furthermore, only the Evad3rs should be trusted as a reliable source of iOS jailbreaking for further notice, especially with so many different options that have turned out to be scams.