Money talks?

Roughly three months after the release of Apple's new operating system, iOS 7 users are still without a jailbreak option. To solve that, a crowd fund has been started for the person who is able to develop an open source jailbreak.

As reported by Matthew Humphries at, the crowdfund has apparently racked up $1,900 already. The caveat, however, is that the developer who is able to release the jailbreak has to make sure he or she follows a series of steps in order to get the money.

"There is a set of criteria that must be met in order for any submitted iOS 7 jailbreak to qualify for the reward," Humphries said. "It must work on the iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, and 5S, and it must also work with the latest version of iOS, which at this time is 7.04. The license it is released under must be one of the existing open source licenses available, for example, MIT, BSD, GPL, or Apache. The jailbreak can't be charged for in any way, and it must be an untethered solution that's "accessible to the average user." So it can't be hard to use then."

The iOS 7 jailbreak has been one of the most anticipated releases in the tech world in the past few months and people have grown incredibly impatient. Although this crowdfunding idea sounds great, always remember to take the jailbreak news with a grain of salt. The jailbreaks have always been free of charge from the Evad3rs and a crowdfund seems to go against that pattern since people would be paying the developers this time. Several fake jailbreaks have asked people for money, which no legitimate jailbreak has ever done.

In the meantime, we can sit back and watch to see if this crowdfunding idea will pay off.