The iOS 7 jailbreak crowdfunding idea has resulted in mixed reviews from the tech community.

It was announced last week that a crowdfund was created for a grand prize that would be offered to anyone who would be able to solve and release the iOS 7 jailbreak to the general public.

The crowdfunding website has already raked in $5,908 for the grand prize, which has not been given out yet.

People have been waiting for the Evad3rs to come out with a jailbreak, but there has not been any news about a release date. At this point, some people who have donated money may not even care whether the Evad3rs are the ones to release it or not.

Understandably, there were some people who did not agree with the idea of this crowdfund. Cydia Creator Jay Freeman -- or Saurik -- was one of the key critics and voiced his opinion via Reddit, as mentioned by

"The primary problem I have with this website is that it attempts to change the dynamics from one of "people who do things that are fun to make devices more open" to one of "people who do things to win cash prizes." Meanwhile, it changes the dynamics in the minds of the people contributing: Normally, people contribute after the fact to the teams that built something that they found of value; under the model of this website, people contribute ahead of time, and then hope that the thing that is released works for their specific device (or even "runs on their computer," etc.), and if it doesn't, they are kind of out of luck."

He went on to talk about the Evad3rs and said that he thinks they will be coming through with the jailbreak. If they are able to get it released soon enough, they could probably win the cash prize. However, they would have to follow the specific outline requested in the crowdfund.

"It is my understanding that a jailbreak is coming from evad3rs in the near future: planetbeing has already stated that they have what they need, and they are just working on integration and support for all devices (which is a lot of busywork)," Saurik said.