As we all know, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are finally going to face one another on May 2 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This projected $300 million fight has been keeping boxing fans waiting for about six years now. Even though neither Mayweather or Pacquiao is in his prime, this should still be a great fight. With that being said, it's time to compare the two boxers in the ring by their attributes.

Let's get it on.

1. Speed

One of the primary reasons Mayweather is undefeated at 47-0 is because he avoids getting hit. Mayweather throws far less punches per fight than his opponents and uses his legs to win. Pacquiao has great quickness with his fists, but speed is the name of the game for Mayweather. As the No. 1 seed in the Welterweight division, it may take a knockout to dethrone Mayweather. As long as Mayweather stays on his feet and uses his quickness to avoid Pacquiao's hard punches, he has a great chance to come out on top.

Edge: Mayweather

2. Power

This could turn into a Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman type of fight from 1974. It won't be as grueling as the "Rumble in the Jungle," but it's still the same theoretical fighting comparison. While Mayweather has the speed, Pacquiao has the power. Pacquiao has 38 knockouts in his 64 career fights -- a knockout rate of 59 percent. Mayweather has 26 knockouts in his 47 fights -- a knockout rate of 55 percent. If Pacquiao can consistently connect with his left jab, it could spell trouble for Mayweather.

Edge: Pacquiao

3. Size

The match will be a standard 147 pound Welterweight fight, but Mayweather has an advantage in overall size. Mayweather stands 5-foot-8, two inches taller than Pacquiao. Mayweather also has a reach advantage. Mayweather's reach is 72 inches, while Pacquiao's reach is 67. Mayweather will try and work the long-distance jab, like Lennox Lewis famously did against Mike Tyson in 2002. For Pacquiao to overcome this size disadvantage, he will have to get in close and take a few blows.

Edge: Mayweather

4. Experience

There's no doubt about it: Both of these fighters have given boxing fans great moments in the 21st century. Collectively, Mayweather and Pacquiao have fought 111 times professionally. Pacquiao has 64 career fights with 57 victories. Mayweather has 47 career fights, all wins. Despite being two years younger, Pacquiao has a slight edge in experience because he is more battle tested, has 10 more wins and has fought all around the world. Mayweather is one of the most demanding boxers of all-time, having never once faced anyone outside the United States. Pacquiao is used to facing anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Edge: Pacquiao

5. Defense

Mayweather is arguably the best defensive fighters in Welterweight history, according to many boxing experts. This goes back to No. 1, speed. Mayweather wins fights because of his speed and his ability to avoid getting hit. His excellent speed is his defense. Pacquiao may have to back Mayweather into a corner to stop him from running around the ring. Pacquiao does have great speed, especially considering the fact that he is two years younger, but Mayweather has the overall advantage edge in defense.

Edge: Mayweather

6. Offense

The big X factor in this fight will be Pacquiao's left hand. Will it throw Mayweather off? Or will he be able to adjust as he did against Robert Guerrero? A lot of people think the only way Pacquiao can win is by knockout, thus not leaving it up to the judges. If Pacquiao can dominate the scorecard with overwhelming power hits throughout the fight, the judges won't have a choice but to reward Pacquiao with a victory. Who knows, this could be the first time Mayweather gets fully knocked down to the canvas.

Edge: Pacquiao

7. Endurance

And finally, endurance. Who will last longer? This is extremely important because the reality is both Mayweather and Pacquiao have lost much of their knockout power over the years. Stamina could very well decide the winner of this match. Neither fighter has a huge advantage in endurance, which sets up for a great match. There's a good chance this will go the full 12 rounds.

Edge: Draw

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