The LG G Flex will soon be made available to Singapore and Hong Kong by next week but the rest of the world will have to be a bit more patient.

According to CNET, December 8 is the starting date for the preorder placements for the curved smart phone. LG added that it will be made for sale in HK by December 13 in various mobile carrier offices and other leading gadget retailers. The company did not confirm yet which countries will be next in the list of its release but most likely it's Europe which will be the next target.

In an Arstechnica article, the senior PR Manager of LG, Chaz Abbott mentioned that the smart phone first went for sale in Korea this week with a price of $940. But the PR manager still did not mention any news on when the curved phone will arrive in North America but just promised that it would be "soon."

The LG G Glex is a unique smart phone due to its bent 6-inch curved OLED with 720p spec. Tech Radar wrote that it can be viewed as a banana phone at first glance. But the main highlight of it is its rear part coating that can get patched up when it encounters scratches. It is one self healing feature that no other smart phone of today has featured. It is also made up of premium parts that include the Snapdragon 800 processor with a 13MP camera and a 2GB RAM.

When it comes to curved smart phones, it is the Samsung Galaxy Round that can also be bent horizontally while the LG G Flex bents vertically. The 5.7 inch Galaxy Round is available only within Korea and just rumored to reach other regions at a certain point in time.

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