In effort to reach out to Latino voters, the Republican National Committee (RNC) praised the contributions made by Mexican Americans in honor of Cinco de Mayo.

"Cinco de Mayo is an opportunity to commemorate the past and highlight the countless ways Mexican-Americans have influenced and enriched our nation," said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus in a statement that was released Tuesday.

"This holiday is one of the many traditions brought to this country by those looking for a better life and in search of the American Dream. As we look to the future, America must remain a welcoming country that finds its strength in both our diversity and our common values," reads the statement.

Co-Chairman Sharon Day added that "all the contributions Mexican-Americans have made to our country with a spirit of hard work and entrepreneurship and a dedication to faith and family."

In addition, Priebus spent the Mexican holiday in Denver, touting how well the GOP is doing in reaching Latinos in Colorado.

"One of the things we said we were going to do differently as a national party is we weren't going to pack up after November," Priebus said at a Hispanic Advisory Council lunch hosted at a Denver restaurant, reports the Associated Press. "We've had some success in Colorado. We've shown that just by being in the community we can make a difference."

On the other hand, Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio issued a statement pointing out that the GOP has blocked a number of initiatives that would help and are largely supported by Hispanics.

"This is the same Republican Party that opposes increasing the minimum wage, opposes equal pay for equal work, and has for years blocked bipartisan immigration reform from seeing the floor of the House of Representatives," he said. "The problem isn't their messaging or outreach efforts, it's the Republican Party platform and the issues they advocate."