Spanish artist Alejandro Sanz, who is known for having the largest number of Grammy awards --17 Latin and 3 American -- is oozing with talent thanks to his signature raspy voice and sultry Flamenco-inspired vibes, so it's no wonder why he named his 10th album "Sirope" ("Syrup").

Last week, during a press conference that streamed on Terra in the U.S. as well as in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Chile, the Spanish crooner revealed his inspiration behind "Sirope" and what keeps him driven to keep creating award-winning music.

On May 5, coincidentally on Cinco de Mayo, an already festive day, Sanz released the much anticipated album, which was followed by his performance of "Un Zombie a la Interperie" at the Billboard Latin Music Awards on April 30.

"I always try to do something different to surprise myself and those who would listen to the record," said the 46-year-old singer during the conference. "It's important that when they listen to the record or download a song, people find something new. Otherwise, it would be very boring. This is a homage to the music for the pleasure of music."

While there is still a presence of his signature flamenco sound, some songs have "a touch of folk or R&B," he explained.

"It's a very eclectic sound," he told Billboard. "It's a mix of many styles, searching, perhaps, for different path by mixing sounds. I'm looking for each song to tell me something and have a sense. The sound is completely at the service of the songs."

Also during the press conference, Sanz shared his unique tunes that "combines rock, funk, pop and flamenco styles in the 13 unedited songs of the album with his fans - exclusively on Terra."

"'Sirope' explores new pop territory with little concessions made for easy listening but with compelling results nevertheless; it's hard not to pay attention to Sanz's trademark raspy vocals, his emotion, the very distinctive way in which he incorporates flamenco strains into mainstream pop," according to Billboard.

"Sirope" is produced by Sebastian Krys and touches upon some interesting themes, such as wanting to have a better world for his children to live in and the tumultous situation in Venezuela. He also described the album in five words to Billboard as "analog, emotional, intense, and at least, where I'm concerned, it's healing."

Music indeed has a way of healing and it's been the remedy for not only Sanz, but many of those connected to the Spanish artist.

"I have evidence -- friends and people who have had problems and have worked their way out of them thanks to music," he said. "This world would be in a much worse place if music didn't exist."

Check out the videos for the making of Sanz's "Sirope" and "Un Zombie A La Interperie."