It still has not happened yet, but the latest version of iOS 8.3 could be close to a jailbreak. The jailbreaking community is confident that a working jailbreak is coming, iDigitalTimes reported.

Last weekend, hacker @comex posted a video showing an Apple Watch running a Safari browser.

If Comex was able to use Safari on the Apple Watch, he may very well be using a jailbroken Apple Watch. The Apple Watch does not offer Safari pre-installed.

When asked if he had a working jailbreak, Comex said the video clip was "just a demo of userland code execution." The video does not show Comex actually searching for anything on the Safari browser, rather just proof that he got it on the Apple Watch. "Custom functionality can wait for a real jailbreak," he said.

Several members of the jailbreak community have also figured out ways to modify their Apple Watch experiences by altering the code in the watch. This points to a jailbreak becoming closer to a release.

Since hackers and developers are having success with modifying the Apple Watch, it means that a jailbreak for iPhones could be coming soon as well. Jailbreak developers who have had past success with jailbreaks say that the Apple Watch iOS is "pretty much the same" as the iOS that runs on the iPhone. This means if a jailbreak for the watch is found, an iPhone jailbreak will follow right after that.

Two popular jailbreak teams, Pangu and TAIG, have not released any statements on whether they are working on an iOS 8.3 jailbreak currently. Back in December, TAIG said they were working on an iOS 8.2 jailbreak, but that never came out. 

The next operating system that will come out for iOS devices is iOS 8.4. After that, Apple will release iOS 9 sometime in the fall, according to Gotta Be Mobile.