The Republican National Committee's (RNC) Latino outreach continued this week as its chairman delivered remarks to a national Latino faith-based organization, but Democrats are calling the efforts "misleading."

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus told the Esperanza National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast and Conference Partners and Awards Dinner about the committee's "unprecedented Hispanic engagement program," which started two years ago. He said, "Two years ago when I spoke with you, we were at the very beginning of our new, unprecedented Hispanic engagement program. We had made a big change in our state-based field program."

Preibus referenced the existence of the RNC's Hispanic Advisory Councils, both at national and state levels, aimed to strengthen its ties and ensure the committee hears first-hand accounts from community leaders. He noted the RNC's minority volunteers and staff made more than 1.6 million voter contacts as part of its efforts to boost gubernatorial and congressional election turnout for last year's midterms.

"Now, these efforts didn't end with the last election. We have Hispanic engagement staff in 10 states, and for this election cycle, we're expanding those efforts," said Priebus on Wednesday. "As you know, more than 60,000 Hispanics turn 18 each month. If we don't talk to these new or independent voters about our values of faith and family, how will they ever hear from Republicans?"

The RNC chairman said his committee is "100 percent committed" to engaging all voters and none should be overlooked or taken for granted.

He added, "We may not always agree, but we should always have a conversation. That principle has guided our presidential primary debate plan for the coming year. In the past, the RNC had no say in when, where, and on what networks those debates would air."

Priebus acknowledged its GOP presidential debates will start in August and Telemundo is one of its broadcasting partners. He noted Telemundo and NBC would help provide the debate's coverage across 91 percent of Latino households.

"I think we can all agree it's going to be a real competition for the Republican nomination. There will be no coronation for president on our side and that's the sign of a healthy and growing party," said Priebus. "Another sign: We have the most diverse group of Republican primary candidates in history."

The RNC released a Spanish-language advertisement titled "Hipocre$ia" (Hypocri$y) aimed at Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as she prepared her speech in Las Vegas at the National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO)'s annual conference. The RNC advertisement highlights Clinton's previous statements on immigration reform and declining polling numbers.

"Latinos deserve to know that Hillary Clinton is looking out for her own political ambition instead of their interests," Priebus saiad in a statement regarding the advertisement. "As she has proven time and again, Hillary Clinton will say anything to get elected -- making big promises she won't and can't keep, just like President Obama."

According to the RNC, the advertisement was the first in a series for bilingual Latino voters.

"It's been nearly two years since a comprehensive bill passed the Senate and not a single Republican running for president supports passing reform with a path to citizenship. That's why our immigration system still stands broken and families still live in fear of deportation: House Republicans won't support it," said Democratic National Committee Hispanic Media Director Pablo Manriquez, in a statement to Latin Post. 

Manriquez added, "While we're seeing a lot of efforts from the GOP to mislead Latino voters, they underestimate us. Latino voters are smarter than they believe. Latino voters know that this is the same party that supports self-deportation, says immigrants carry measles, calls Mexicans rapists, and opposes President Obama's plan to keep families together."


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