One cannot deny the impact social media has had on modern society, and Hispanics are becoming "trailblazers" in the digital revolution.

According to The Nielsen Company's The Digital Consumer report, today's consumer has been "more connected than ever" due to easily available access and deeper engagement with brands and content.

"Content that was once only available to consumers via specific methods of delivery (such as via print, radio and broadcast television) can now be sourced and delivered to consumers through their multiple connected devices," the February 2014 Nielsen report stated. "This is driving the media revolution and blurring traditional media definitions."

In the United States (U.S.), two-thirds of overall social media users, or 64 percent, stated they use social media websites at minimum once a day from their computer. Smartphone owners visiting social media networks everyday accounted for 47 percent.

"With the rapid adoption of mobile devices, social media has a symbiotic relationship with the mobile consumer," the report added. "And social has played a pivotal role, empowering consumers by providing a direct point of contact with the brands they use and the content they access."

Hispanics have provided the fastest growing population segment in the U.S. and Nielsen expects this group to represent 60 percent of the U.S. population growth in the next three years. The report disclosed Hispanics spend more than consuming digital video than the national average in the U.S. The Hispanic population is also adopting smartphones at greater speeds.

The Digital Consumer report noted, "As an important and growing consumer segment, Hispanic digital consumers are poised to be even more influential in the coming years."

With nearly three in four Latinos owning a smartphones, or 72 percent, it is approximately 10 percent higher than the U.S. average.

"It's little surprise that 10 million watch video on their mobile phones for an average of more than six hours per month," the report recognized.

Outside of the U.S., Latinos are also adopting smartphones at a quicker rate across Latin America. As Latin Post reported, 32 percent of Latin Americans shopped online from a smartphone during 2013.

According to eMarketer, Mexico has become the top Latin American country capturing the eye of mobile advertisers. Mobile phone usage in Mexico is not as common compared to other major Latin American countries, but yet smartphone penetration is "comparatively high." Smartphone usage in Mexico more than doubled in 2012. In 2013, it grew almost 50 percent again. As a result, eMarketer projected 6.1 million people will be added to Mexico's smartphone owners population.


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