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Destiny Xur Location & Inventory, Exotics: Purchase Helm of Saint-14 Helmet, Khepri's Sting Gauntlets and More

First Posted: Sep 04, 2015 02:28 PM EDT

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Destiny's ultimate salesman is back for the weekend, selling exotic weapons and upgrades. Xur can be found in the Tower in the Reef this weekend. 

Xur will remain in the Tower until Sunday at 5 a.m. EDT.

The Helm of Saint-14 Titan Helmet can be purchased for 13 Strange Coins. The helmet provides a defense rating of 407/447 and a light rating of 30/36. When equipped, the helmet increases melee attack speed and increases defense power, allowing more damage to be taken. When players kill minions of the Darkness while equipped with this helmet, increased Super Energy will be gained. Finally, the Ward of Dawn blinds enemies when they enter it, according to Destiny Wikia.

The Khepri's Sting Gauntlets can be purchased for 13 Strange Coins. The gauntlets provide a defense rating of 402 and a light rating of 42. When equipped, reloading time is increased for primary weapons. When an Orb of Light is picked up, melee cooldown time is reduced. Finally, when crouching for a short time, the player will gain limited invisibility, as well as four times the damage for melee attacks on enemies. 

The Obsidian Mind Warlock Helmet can be purchased for 13 Strange Coins. The helmet provides ratings of 57 for intellect, 52 for strength and a light rating of 36/42. When equipped, the helmet increases the distance for grenade throws, and it also increases defense power. When Nova Bomb kills occur, the cooldown time of the next Nova Bomb will be reduced.

The Patience and Time Sniper Rifle can be purchased for 17 Strange Coins. The rifle has an attack rating of 334/365. When aiming down the sights with this rifle, active camouflage is gained, and the radar will keep displaying. Finally, when firing this weapon, increased damage will be given, allowing for more attack power.

To see the entire list of Xur's items, visit the Reddit thread for Xur.

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