Former Minnesota Prison Sergeant, Who Traded McDonald’s for Sex With Inmate, Now an Inmate Himself

Former Minnesota Prison Sergeant, Who Traded McDonald's for Sex With Inmate, Now an Inmate Himself

A former prison sergeant in Minnesota was sentenced to be an inmate in 120 days in jail by seven years of probation after he was discovered exchanging a McDonald's mean for sex from a female prisoner he was transporting.
Dorado: J Balvin's New Song Is Inspired by McDonald's, Latinx Community

"Dorado": J Balvin's New Song is Inspired by McDonald's, Latino Community

J Balvin took his McDonald's collaboration to the next level with the launch of his popular meal and releasing a song with the fast-food giant in celebration of the Latino gang.
McDonald's Pause Reopening of Dining Rooms

McDonald's Pauses Reopening of Dining Rooms as COVID-19 Cases Grow

McDonald's readjusted the reopening schedule of some dining rooms across the United States as the COVID-19 pandemic has directly affected many businesses in terms of operation and production. McDonald's was not spared.
The chain is targeting young millennials through smart phone apps.

McDonald's To Hire 250K More Workers This Summer

The ice cream machine is still broke, however.
'Spare Parts' Movie Review: Underdeveloped Latino Stereotypes, McDonalds Dismantle Any Potential This True Story Had

'Spare Parts' Movie Review: Underdeveloped Latino Stereotypes, McDonalds Dismantle Any Potential This True Story Had

"Spare Parts'" final half hour, arguably its most interesting, is also its most predictable and not until the final epilogue, which details these characters' outcomes, does the viewer actually feel invested in the four teenagers. There is no doubt that the intentions (aside from the horrific McDonald's commercial) are sincere in highlighting the achievement of Latinos. But unfortunately this film offers nothing new that has not been seen before. Clocking in at almost two hours, the movie almost feels like it is being forced down the viewer's throats as a way to make people feel sorry for Latinos rather than celebrate their greatness. Any attempts at cultural authenticity falter because the film relies so heavily on the tired stereotypes to represent its characters. There was certainly a great story here, but the execution is as poor as it gets making "Spare Parts" live up to its title as another throwaway movie.
McDonald's Fast Food Restaurant

Pilot Crash Lands in a McDonald's Parking Lot

A craving for French fries is not the reason why airplane pilot Michael Ray Martin crashed-landed a small plane into a northern Louisiana McDonald's parking lot near the drive-thru on Tuesday.

McDonald's to Return Up to $20B to Shareholders as Part of "Plan to Win"

Company will carefully look over expenses
McDonald's Fast Food Restaurant

McDonald's 'Fast Food Forward' Protesters March to Company Headquarters, Demand Higher Wages

Protesters plan to debate wages at shareholder meeting Thursday
Fast Food Forward Strike

Hundreds of Fast Food Workers Stage Protest, Strike Over Minimum Wage Debate

Hundreds of fast-food workers in a several U.S. and international cities joined the minimum wage debate Thursday by staging a walk off from their jobs and demanding a $15-an-hour wage.

McDonald’s Backs Out From Crimea: Was The Decision Political or Due To Financial reasons?

The fast food restaurant chain has closed its three stores in the peninsula, citing financial insecurity.
Dem. Senators Hold Press Conf. On Higher Minimum Wage For Small Businesses

Latinos Deal With Tougher Consequences Facing Minimum Wage Debate

Connecticut lawmakers Wednesday evening approved legislation that raises the state's minimum wage level to $10.10 an hour by 2017, making it the state with the highest minimum wage in the nation.
Ronald McDonald for Taco Bell Ad

Watch Taco Bell New Breakfast Menu Endorsed By 'Ronald McDonald' Here

The fast-food chain proves that even Ronald McDonald loves their all new breakfast menu.
taco bell

Taco Bell Takes on McDonald's Breakfast With Waffle Taco

Taco Bell wants its customers to ring in the morning with its fast food. Soon, the restaurant chain will sell breakfast in an effort to best its competitors, especially McDonald's.

NBC Smuggles Own Starbucks Branch & Crew into Russia for Olympics

NBC fuels its employees with Starbucks and sets one up in Sochi within their media center to provide their staff with free coffee round-the-clock.

Police Say McDonald's Employee Put Heroin in Happy Meals

Ordering a Happy Meal from a McDonald's drive-thru in Pittsburgh made customers a lot happier than a regular cheeseburger ought to. The reason for the extra smiles is that customers were ordering more than a free toy; they were also ordering heroin.
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Top 8 Biggest Food Fails: Dunkin' Donuts Blackface, Cardboard McRibs, and More!

Everyone has failed in the kitchen before. We've all burnt the toast, overcooked the roast, undercooked the cake or even confused sugar for flour or oil for water. This list of Biggest Food Fails, however, is so extreme, that it may make you re-consider ever going to these establishments again. Even the biggest food companies can make grave mistakes when it comes to making sure their products are customer-friendly. Here are some high-profile cases of food fail. Beware: this list contains 100% of the daily recommended value of controversy.
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