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New Mexico Launches New Mobile App for Mental Health Assistance

The state of New Mexico just launched a new mobile app called NMConnect, which will provide 24-hour support for crisis and non-crisis for FREE.
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How to Overcome COVID-19 Crisis-Induced Anxiety

Find ways to overcome COVID-19 crisis-induced stress, anxiety, and worry.
Keeping Yourself Productive While on Home Quarantine

Ways to Keep Yourself Productive while on Home Quarantine

Find out here about ways on how to keep yourself productive while on home quarantine.
Mental disability of undocumented immigrants can raise risk of being deported

Mental Ilness of Undocumented Immigrants Raises Chances of Deportation

When illegal immigrants require special medical attention for mental illnesses, is it the US government's responsibility to treat them, or should they be subject to the law as well?
35 minutes of daily exercise help to reduce depression

35 Minutes of Daily Exercise Lowers Your Risk for Depression

Just a few minutes of exercise a day could help alleviate symptoms of depression, a new study shows.
Royal Video Message For Children's Mental Health Week

Kate Middleton on Kids' Mental Health: 'Every Bit is as Important as Physical Health'

Experts also weigh in on the subject and agree with the duchess that it can be prevented like any disease.
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SALUD: Mental Illness Awareness Week Reminds Public to Fight Stigmas, Provide Support

Each year Mental Illness Awareness Week takes place during the first full week of October, and those seven days offer a firm opportunity for advocates to fight stigmas, provide support, and educate the public on mental illness condition.

Latinos & Blacks Disproportionately Affected by Mental Health Issues and Chronic Disease: Study

UCLA researchers determined that Latinos/Hispanics and African Americans are disproportionately affected by mental health issues and chronic disease, likely due to cumulative discrimination, trauma and community violence.
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SALUD: Hispanic Youth & the Struggle to Aquire Mental Health Assessment and Treatment

Whether it's behavioral, anxiety, mood, personality or psychiatric, mental health disorders manifest in many forms. However, non-white youth often face damning obstacles when seeking access, assessment and treatment.
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Foreign Nativity, Acculturation, and Mental Health in the Latino Community

Foreign nativity and immigration are chief players when it comes to incidents of mental illness. Moreover, levels of acculturation have ties to the development of mental health conditions and disorders within the Latino community.
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Bipolar Disorder and the Uninvestigated Latino Population

Bipolar disorder, a manic-depressive illness that's known to cause bewildering shifts in activity levels, mood, energy and ability to carry out daily tasks, does not allude the Latino community. However, treating the long-term disruptive condition is a matter of assessment and treatment. As well as the education of the Latino community.
Depression Boosts Risk of Heart Failure 40 Percent

Northwestern University Develops Twelve Mobile Apps to Help Sufferers of Anxiety Disorders and Depression

Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine launched a slew of mobile applications to help individuals suffering from anxiety disorders and depression.
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Disadvantages Put Tens of Thousands of Latinos, Non-Whites at Risk in Mental Illness Treatment

Exactitude isn't guaranteed when it comes to assessing the mental health of disadvantaged patients. If fact, disadvantaged patients are two times more likely to be misdagnosed.
Dior Vargas

Dior Vargas, Latina Feminist Mental Health Activist, Discusses Mental Health and Depression

Latina feminist and 27-year-old native New Yorker Dior Vargas utilizes her own battle with major depressive disorder as the groundwork for her work with mental health advocacy.
isla Vista Shootings

California Lawmakers Introduce Gun Control Legislation

California lawmakers announced Tuesday that they plan to propose gun control legislation that places restraints on gun-violence in order to prevent future massacres much like what happened last week in Isla Vista, California.
Rep. Peter King

Republican Rep. Peter King Urges for Gun Control Discussion on Capitol Hill

Following the tragedy that occurred near the University of California at Santa Barbara on Friday, Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) raised concerns Sunday about the necessity for background checks on firearms and improving the mental health of U.S. citizens.
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