One of the Planned Parenthood Clinics

Planned Parenthood Official Says, Tele-Abortion Technology Is the ‘Silver Lining’ of COVID-19

In one of her recent interviews, Planned Parenthood's acting CEO said, the "silver lining" of the COVID-19 crisis is that her abortion chain has employed the "telehealth technology to offer drug-induced, at-home abortions."

Anti-Abortion Activists Indicted in Planned Parenthood Sting Videos Case

A grand jury in Texas indicted two members of the anti-abortion group that leaked undercover sting videos last summer purporting to show Planned Parenthood workers selling aborted fetal tissue for profit.
GOP Republican debate

Latino Leaders Rally Against Hateful Campaign Rhetoric Ahead GOP Debate

Ahead of Tuesday evening’s Republican presidential debate, Latino advocates and groups are further dissecting the GOP’s “extreme” and “hateful” rhetoric on the campaign trail.
Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Shooting in Colorado Springs: Shooter Captured Alive

The Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD) was called to an "active shooter scene" near a Planned Parenthood facility. After an intense several hour standoff, the shooter was captured alive.
Sen. Patty Murray

Senator Patty Murray Discusses Proposed Women's Health Bill With Planned Parenthood

"The 21st Century Women's Health Act," new legislation proposed by senior United States Senator from Washington Patty Murray, is a bill that looks to honor progress made on behalf of women's reproductive health care, and it proposes to protect those advancements. In a recent teleconference with Planned Parenthood, Murray discussed the bill, equality, opportunity and women's health.

Sex Education and Parental Involvement Proves to Delay Sexual Activity Among Teens

"Get Real: Comprehensive Sex Education That Works" is middle-curriculum that's encouraged young teens to delay sex with classroom learning and parental involvement.
Voto Latino Power Summit 2014

Leadership Lessons Earned and Learned at the Voto Latino Power Summit

Important takeaways from the "Game Changer" workshop and the entire Voto Latino Power Summit event were as vast and broad as the varying interests, concerns, and needs of the Latino community; yet there were some standout impressions: the importance of Spanish-speakers and Spanish-speaking experts at events looking to target Latinos is paramount; recognizing that younger generations are the door to the older generations -- this is important when trying to attract older generations to causes and offers that are only present online; and vice versa: as older generations are identified as the number one factor in pushing Latino millennials to get healthcare.

Amendment Keeps the Doors to Nearly 40 Abortion Clinics Open

A federal judge amended a Texas abortion ruling, interrupting the closure of nearly 40 abortion clinics in the state.
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