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It Was Inevitable: Post-IPO Twitter to Incorporate New Ad Technology

Well, it was inevitable, and now it's almost here: Twitter, now a public company with investors to please, is reportedly working on lots of new ads to push in front of users' faces.

Cuba Twitter & USAID: Agency Embroiled In Controversy Following Fake Social Media Account; What Happens Next?

What kind of of social society is Cuba? What or Who is USAID?
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Social Media Saturday: Twitter in Turkey, Vine and ChatON Get SnapChatty, and 'Cuban Twitter' Plot Exposed

This week in social media, Turkey lifted its Twitter ban, Vine and ChatOn added ShapChat features, WhatsApp experienced growing pains, and it turns out the U.S. government created a "Cuban Twitter" to stir Cuban unrest against their leaders. It's time for Social Media Saturday!
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Facebook Scraps Drastic News Feed Redesign For Simpler Version

Social media giant Facebook had plans more than a year ago for a radical redesign of its News Feed but the revamp was recently scrapped with the realization that most of the company's users are working with older computers and laptops.
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Social Media Saturday: Twitter Keeps Trying, Instagram Beats Twitter, and Facebook's Turning Point

A lot happened this week in social media: while Twitter keeps trying to be more user-friendly, we found out that Instagram is more popular than Twitter with active smartphone users. Meanwhile, Facebook made a purchase that redefines the company's ambitions and some Pinterest users got hacked - and flooded with butt pictures. It's Social Media Saturday!
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Twitter Adds More Photos, Tagging, in Continuing Effort to Reach New Users

Like it or not, Twitter is now getting closer to Facebook in its basic functions, and on Wednesday, the 140 character-based social media network announced some new changes that take it one more step towards being less like the Twitter you know, and more friendly for new users.
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Cloak App Launches the Era of Anti-Social Media

We've entered a new era of social media - the anti-social media era - with the introduction of a new iOS app called Cloak. Cloak uses the information you can gain from "friends" on social media networks and turns it on its head - allowing to you avoid seeing those people in real life.
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Social Media Saturday: Twitter Celebrates 8th Birthday, Gets Banned in Turkey, and U.S. Gov. Tells Facebook About Privacy

This week in social media, Twitter turned eight years old and was banned in Turkey, Facebook faced off with the government over privacy (and it's the other way around this time), and Pinterest and Tumblr both got into marketing and ads. It's time for Social Media Saturday!
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Twitter's Eighth Birthday: The First Tweet, A Retrospective

In celebration of eight years of Twitter, the social media company launched a new website that gives users a look at their "First Tweet." Let's take an eight-year look back at Twitter to see what the first-ever tweet was, and what happened after.
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Social Media Saturday: Pinterest Gifts, Weibo IPO, and Zuckerberg Gets Mad About NSA

This week in social media, Pinterest debuted a "Gifts" feed, Adult Swim premiered an episode by sending more than 100 Instagram videos, China's Twitter filed for an IPO, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was so miffed by an NSA revelation that he called President Obama himself. It's Social Media Saturday!

Facebook WhatsApp Deal: Company To Acquire Drones?

Facebook wants to acquire drones so that they can deliver communications to remote parts of the world. It sounds like a massive undertaking. But if Facebook is successful despite competition from Amazon and Google, it could be ahead of its time.
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Social Media Saturday: Facebook Revamps News Feed (Again), Bans Illegal Gun Sales, While Vine Bans Porn

Most of the action in social media this week happened in Facebook's neck of the woods, but Vine and Pinterest had some interesting changes and announcements this week. It's time for Social Media Saturday!
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Hispanics Index Higher on Smartphone, Tablet Use for Local Shopping than Non-Hispanics in US, Says Study

Hispanics in the United States (U.S.) are utilizing mobile devices more than ever, and a new report suggests the demographic outpace non-Hispanics when it comes to shopping.
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Social Media Saturday: Facebook's Search History, Reddit's Breaking News, and Instagram Gets the Dalai Lama

This week, Tumblr began reaching out to entertainment marketers, Facebook made everyone cringe by making search history available for perusal, and Reddit is trying to become the future of reporting by adding a live reporting function. All that, and the world religious figure that just joined Instagram: it's time for Social Media Saturday!
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See Who Social Media Predicts as Oscar Winners [See List Here]

Social networking computed with a number of factors may actually predict the likely outcome of the Academy Awards on March 2, according to Farsite Forecast.

Venezuela Blacks Out Internet, Censors Apps as Ongoing Clashes Hit Cyberspace

With battles on the Venezuelan streets between protestors and security forces ongoing, new reports indicate the Venezuelan government is expanding its actions in the online clash on social media and the internet. While Venezuela's censorship of images on Twitter was widely reported last week, a new report from the Associated Press states that authorities have been cutting off mobile internet service to certain parts of the country this week as well.
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