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Social Media Saturday: Facebook's Hoax-Killing Machine & Google+ Still Exists (No Hoaxing), But Barely

This week in social media, Facebook began cracking down on hoaxes, Twitter launched a new feature for infrequent iOS users, and -- this just in -- Google+ still exists!

Social Media Saturday: World War III Announced on Hacked Twitter Accounts

Meanwhile, Snapchat wants almost $1 million for disappearing ads, advertisers are Pinterest for a fool, and Facebook announced Amber Alerts and AI tools for everyone.
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Social Media Saturday: Facebook Still Leads, While Others Grow Faster - Pew

This week in social media, Pew Research released a new survey on social media use in the U.S. The research found that while Facebook far outweighs other social media networks, at the same time, it showed little growth compared to the rest.
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Social Media Saturday: Facebook's YouTube Creep, Twitter's Facebook Creep, and Snapchat's Ever-Expanding War Chest

This week in social media, Facebook continued encroaching on YouTube's turf, Twitter continued rolling out changes that mirror Facebook, Pinterest officially launched advertising, and Snapchat raised nearly half a billion in funding from an eager investment round.

Social Media Saturday: Gangnam Style and YouTube's 'PSY -2K', Facebook's World Domination Plans Revealed, and Twitter Takes on Bullies

This week in social media, YouTube had to reset its maximum view counter because you kept watching and sharing PSY's Gangnam Style video. Also, Mark Zuckerberg elucidated his plan to colonize the world into Facebook using and Twitter introduced new tools to combat cyber bullying.
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Social Media Saturday: Facebook's Unbundling Worked, Tumblr and Pinterest Grow Fastest, and Could Yik Yak Be the Next Snapchat?

This week in social media was all about mobile growth and potential, as a new report shows how the major social media networks currently stack up against each other. Big surprise: Facebook is doing fine. But Tumblr and Pinterest both showed amazing growth, too.
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Social Media Saturday: Facebook's Data Policy Explained, Snapchat Security, and Twitter Troubles

This week in social media, Facebook clarified its privacy settings, Instagram finally lets users edit photo captions after posting, and Snapchat beefed up its security. Meanwhile, Ocho launched to rival Vine, and Twitter announced more new features while getting an official "junk" rating from a major Wall Street index.
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Social Media Saturday: Zuckerberg on Facebook Messenger, Twitter's Steady Implosion, and EFF Finds Most Messaging Apps Aren't Secure

This week in social media, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg started a weekly tradition of public Facebook Q&A sessions by answering users' questions about the new required Facebook Messenger app, among many others. Meanwhile, Twitter keeps imploding under the weight of Wall Street expectations, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation rated messaging apps on security. The results were not pretty.

Social Media Saturday: Facebook Welcomes Tor, Instagram Bans Chelsea Handler's Boobs, and Twitter Struggles... Again

This week in social media, Facebook welcomed Tor users, while Instagram wasn't as hospitable to Chelsea Handler's boobs. Meanwhile, Twitter continued to struggle and BBM joined the Snapchat imitation club.

Social Media Saturday: Facebook's Rooms, Twitter's No-Password Plan, Skype's Qik, and Ello Promises No Ads (Ever)

This week in social media, Facebook launched a new app as CEO Mark Zuckerberg impressed everyone with his Chinese language skills. Meanwhile, Twitter is planning to kill the password for good, Skype launched its own Snapchat clone, Snapchat launched its first ads, Tumblr embraced video in a big way, and upstart Ello got attention by legally promising to never advertise on its social network.
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Facebook's Dark Web Dragnet, Twitter's Audio Cards, Tumblr & Vine Launch New Apps

This week in social media, Facebook explained how it wants to help keep you and your data safe, Twitter added an audio feature (not their failed music app) while officially confirming that it's tweaking your timeline. Meanwhile while Vine launched an Xbox One app, Tumblr launched its first OS X desktop app with Yosemite.

Social Media Saturday: Facebook Pushes into Video, Twitter Starts Buy Button, and WhatsApp Quietly Adds a Bunch of New Features

This week in Social Media, Facebook began pushing into YouTube territory, while also testing Snapchat-style ephemeral posts on its flagship network. Meanwhile, Twitter began rolling out the long-rumored "buy" button, WhatsApp added a bunch of new features, and Snapchat settled with one of its co-founders, conveniently while everyone was paying attention to Apple.
Twitter analytics dashboard

Social Media Saturday: WhatsApp Hits 600 Million, Twitter Opens Analytics to Everyone, and Facebook's Expanding Graph Search

This week in social media, we learned that messaging giant WhatsApp has hit a new milestone in active monthly users. Meanwhile, Twitter opened its analytics to everyone, Snapchat might officially be worth $10 billion, Facebook is expanding Graph Search, and Instagram unleashed an amazing app.
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Social Media Saturday: Facebook Lawsuit Proceeds in Europe, Twitter Struggles with Content Issues, and Vine Opens Up

This week in social media, Twitter continued to wrestle with disturbing user content, the European privacy lawsuit against Facebook takes its first big step, and Vine finally opened up its video service in a big way.
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Snapchat Reportedly Working with Brands on "Discovery" News, Media, and Ad Platform

Snapchat may not just be for sending your friends quick quirky messages that disappear after a few seconds. The skyrocketing social media site could soon ad advertisements, along with TV and movie clips and news.
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