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Social Media Sunday: Facebook's 'Dislike' Button, Pinterest Hits Milestone, & Snapchat's Replay (for a Price)

This week in social media, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced he's actually decided to create a "dislike" button, but it's not what you think. Meanwhile, Snapchat added a replay feature for snaps you might have missed (for a price) and in Facebook's new "Signal" feature, Twitter has something big to worry about from the top social media platform on the planet.
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Civic Participation Rates Climb for Latino Youth

Civic participation rates may be lower for Latinos than other ethnic/racial groups, but it’s higher than ever for the population. Improved educational opportunities, unparalleled social media engagement and community involvement demonstrates Latinos' aptitude for greater civic involvement.
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Beauty-Focused Latina Consumers Use Social Media to Explore Products, Trends: Study

"Siempre Beauty III: Latinas and Social Media: the 2015 Siempre Mujer Hispanic Beauty Study" found that Latina women and millennial Latinas are deeply engaged in the beauty category, spending billions on products and services. Latina consumers are digitally savvy shoppers who find beauty everywhere, and they're at the forefront of technology.

Social Media Sunday: Messenger & WhatsApp Milestones; Twitter's CEO Search Continues

This week in social media, two Facebook-owned messenger services hit major milestones. Meanwhile, Twitter is still on the hunt for a leader with a possible announcement soon, Snapchat (maybe?) hit a Facebook-style milestone in video, and Tumblr cleaned up its act -- on mobile.

Social Media Sunday: Twitter Invades Google Desktop Search Results & Snapchat Lost Millions in 2014

This week in social media, Twitter finally got a boost from its partnership with Google. Meanwhile, leaked documents showed Snapchat lost a considerable sum of money in a short period of time last year. And Spotify, of all "social" platforms, angered users by asking for too much data.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Dumps Intern for Exposing Major Privacy Flaw, Twitter Expected to Name Jack Dorsey CEO

This week, Facebook decided not to keep a Harvard student's internship for the rest of the summer, after he exposed a major privacy flaw in the social network's Messenger app. Meanwhile, it looks like beleaguered Twitter will look to Jack Dorsey for permanent leadership, as the company is expected to announce his transition from interim CEO to long-term chief executive next week.

Social Media Sunday: Twitter Whitewashes Users' Backgrounds, Facebook Gives Up User Data, and Snapchat Partners with Univision

This week in social media, Twitter messed with everyone's homepage, Facebook relented on its fight against a sea of search warrants issued by a New York court, and Snapchat and Univision have partnered up.

Social Media Sunday: Ellen Pao Steps Down From Reddit & Facebook's News Feed Is Back in Your Hands

This week in social media, the weeks-long maelstrom over former Reddit interim CEO Ellen Pao led to her resignation. Meanwhile Facebook gave its users a little more power over their News Feeds and Twitter's "Project Lightning" is probably going to be called "Moments" in its debut.
Facebook Diversity 2015

Social Media Sunday: Facebook's Faceless Face Recognition, Tumblr TV, and Twitter Loses an Exec (Again)

This week in social media, Facebook released its (disappointing) update on diversity, while setting Messenger free and introducing face-recognition technology so impressive (and creepy), it doesn't need to see your face.
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Social Media Sunday: Twitter's Project Lightning, Facebook's Facial Recognition Moments App, and Snapchat's Evan Spiegel Explains it All

This week in social media, Twitter unveiled Project Lightning, its best hope to open up Twitter's biggest strength to multiple platforms, users, and non-users alike.
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President Obama's Approval Rating Improves Among Millennials, Latinos

President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party members in Congress received better approval ratings than Republicans based on polling data on millennials.

Social Media Sunday: Your Facebook News Bubble Is Your Fault and Other Social Media News from the Week

This week in social media, the blame for your Facebook bubble was officially placed on... you. Meanwhile, Twitter bolstered its marketing team, Snapchat debuted new video ads, Pinterest raised $186 million in funding, and Meerkat cozied up to Facebook.
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Pew: Young Latinos Love Anonymous Sharing Apps Like Whisper and Yik Yak and Also... Google Plus?

This week, the Pew Research Center released its recurring report on social media use among teens in the U.S. Among the survey's findings are some interesting insights on how young Latinos express themselves online.

Bolivia to Host First International Conference on Community Radio and Free Software for Spanish-Speaking Nations

South American, central western-located nation Bolivia will host the first-ever international conference on community radio and free software in Cochabama this year, from June 11-13.
Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona's Lionel Messi

How Barcelona, Real Madrid Are Dominating Social Media World

Spanish League soccer clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona are by far the two most popular sports franchises in the world today on social media. The two Spanish clubs are also the most valuable franchises in sports.
Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll

Super Bowl Reaction on Twitter: How Everyone Responded to Pete Carroll's Play Call

The Seattle Seahawks fell just one yard short of another Super Bowl victory. Many NFL fans believe the team should have run Marshawn Lynch instead of passing. Latin takes a look at some of the responses from the Twitter world.
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