Social Media Sunday: Facebook's New Sports Hub, 3D Touch Features, & Twitter's Wall Street Woes Hit New Low

This week in social media, Facebook launched a sports hub designed to catch online social buzz over live sporting events. The company also figured out a technique to deliver 360-degree VR video with a fraction of the bandwidth, all while Twitter hit a new low on Wall Street.
Facebook Acquires WhatsApp For $16 Billion

Why WhatsApp Stopped Charging Users Subscription Fees

Paradoxically, it's because the company wants to make more money.

Social Media Sunday: More Facebook Stock to Charity, Foursquare CEO is Out, and Snapchat Looks for Ad Tech

This week in social media, Facebook COO followed CEO Mark Zuckerberg's example and gave a huge amount of her company stock to charity. Meanwhile, Twitter was under pressure to crack down on hate speech, Snapchat began shopping for ad tech startups, and Foursquare's co-founder and CEO announced he would be stepping down.

Pinterest Hires Diversity Chief, Sets Example for Smaller Tech Firms

Pinterest, one of the original unicorn startups of Silicon Valley, made a move towards improving diversity at its company on Wednesday, by announcing it had hired its own diversity chief.

Reggaeton Music Stars Mourn Death of Boricua Rapper Syko 'El Terror'

Daddy Yankee, Don Omar among those paying tribute to the reggaeton artist.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook 'Real Name' Changes, Uber Through Messenger & More

This week was a busy one for Facebook. It launched a new collaboration with Uber through Messenger, announced changes to its controversial "real name" policy, launched its fast-loading Instant Articles for Android, and finally, Facebook was named the most popular smartphone app of 2015 by a Nielsen report. Meanwhile, Twitter hit an all-time low on Wall Street.
Harvard Millennial 2015 study, snapchat fastest growing

Social Media Sunday: Facebook's Offline Feed, Twitter's Logged Out Ads & Snapchat's Growth Among Millennials

This week Facebook announced an offline mode, so mobile users can still see new stories in their News Feeds, even when their connections are spotty. Meanwhile, Twitter announced it would start showing ads to the vast majority of people who visit the platform, and a new study shows Snapchat is the fastest growing social network among millennials.

Social Media Sunday: Zuck's Controversial Donation, Facebook Takes on Periscope, and More

This week in Social Media, Mark Zuckerberg announced he and his wife would donate 99 percent of their Facebook stock to charity, prompting critics to express a great deal of skepticism.

Social Media Sunday: Privacy Predator 'Most Used Words' on Facebook & Snapchat's New Story Explorer

This week in social media, experts warned that one of the most recent viral hits on Facebook, the "Most Used Words" app, is a privacy-infringing nightmare. Meanwhile, Snapchat launched a challenge to Twitter Moments called Story Explorer, and Reddit has decided to honor visitors' "Do Not Track" settings on browsers.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Tests Snapchat-style Messages, Pinterest's Image Search, and Twitter's New GIFs

This week in social media, Facebook began testing Snapchat-style messaging in Facebook Messenger. Meanwhile Pinterest introduced a smart, unique visual search feature, Twitter introduced GIFs you can control, and Snapchat is planning on making even more money off of its Lenses feature.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook's Numbers, Twitter's Diversity, and Pinterest Goes Shopping

This week in social media, Facebook dominated the headlines and Wall Street, as it showed how much it dominates the social media world. Meanwhile an ex-Twitter engineer exposed the company's clunky attempts at diversity and Pinterest officially introduced a new feature that blends perfectly with the reasons people use its network.
Share Screen tweak, Facebook app ios

Social Media Sunday: Facebook's Week of Tweaks, Snapchat's Halloween Lenses

This week in social media, Facebook rolled out, experimented with, or otherwise promised a slew of changes to its platform, policies and mobile apps. Meanwhile, Twitter got hit on Wall Street again and Snapchat rolled out its first Halloween-themed sponsored "lenses." It's time for Social Media Sunday!
 Marco Rubio, Donald Trump and Ben Carson GOP Republican debate

Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz Trigger Top Twitter GOP Debate Moments

Nearly 8-in-10 Latinos use social media, and Twitter was definitely active during the third Republican presidential debate.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Fixes Battery-Draining App, Twitter's Dorsey Gives Stock to Staff

This week in social media, Facebook finally fixed its battery-draining iPhone app. Meanwhile Twitter's CEO gave millions worth of stock to the company's employees and Instagram announced yet another new video app.
Facebook videos update

Social Media Sunday: Facebook's Multi-Pronged Video Strategy, Dorsey's Twitter Shakeup & More

This week in social media, Facebook unveiled its latest push into online video, seeking to rob top rival YouTube of views. Meanwhile, Twitter went through some major company changes under new CEO Jack Dorsey and a new study surprised no one by revealing that teens prefer Instagram, with Snapchat right behind, over other social networks.
Facebook Notes update

Social Media Sunday: Facebook's 'Free Basics', New Notes, & Instagram Surpasses Twitter

This week in social media, Facebook renamed its free Internet service to create some separation from its charity offerings, and redesigned a long-forgotten feature of its flagship platform. Meanwhile, Instagram hit a milestone of 400 million users, surpassing continually troubled Twitter.
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