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Diversity in Tech: Slack Hires Engineer Who Quit Twitter Citing Lack of Diversity

The software engineer that publicly called out Twitter for its stifling, un-diverse leadership culture while leaving the company last year has a new job at Slack.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Bought a Face Swapping App & Twitter is Bribing Employees Not to Quit

It's time for Social Media Sunday!

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Backed Apple, Apple Joined Twitter, Snapchat Got More Money

This week in social media, Facebook and its subsidiary WhatsApp backed Apple in its encryption fight with the FBI, the same week that a WhatsApp executive was briefly jailed in Brazil in a similar case.

Social Media Sunday: Ads Coming to Your Facebook Messenger Soon, Twitter Smacks Down ISIS

This week in social media, word leaked out that Facebook will start showing ads in Messenger very soon. Meanwhile, Twitter executives bought millions in their company's stock in a move to boost confidence, and Snapchat is rumored to have started delivering detailed ad analytics, possibly resulting in a dip in prices.
Bernie Sanders

Reddit Users Getting News Directly From Site, Discussing Bernie Sanders and Politics

Reddit calls itself "the front page of the Internet" and it may be the first page many people go to when online, but most of its users stay there to read their news too.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Kicked Out of India, Twitter's Downward Spiral, & Snapchat's New (Old) Partner

This week in social media was altogether pretty terrible for the two most significant networks: Facebook and Twitter. Facebook got kicked out of India and Twitter's growth has flatlined, sparking worries is might actually die. But with a potential big partnership with an influential old media company, Snapchat, meanwhile, is doing fine.
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Two Roads Diverge: Should Twitter Change Everything or Return to its Roots?

Twitter reported its quarterly earnings on Wednesday, and yet again, the overall picture it painted was predictably grim.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Reigns on Mobile, Twitter's Mobile GIFs & New Snapchat Ad Experiments

This week in social media, Facebook adjusted the algorithm for your News Feed another time, while again being declared the number one app on Android and iOS smartphones. Meanwhile, Twitter tested a GIF button for its mobile app, and Snapchat ran its first mobile app-install ad.

Calle 13 Frontman Residente Endorses Bernie Sanders

The singer, who goes by Residente, tweeted his support for the presidential candidate.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Takes on Periscope, Twitter Has Worst Week Ever

This week in social media, Facebook took on Periscope by opening up live streaming on iPhone to everyone, while Twitter had one of its worst weeks ever. Meanwhile, Snapchat made it easier to add friends in an update to its app.
Jack Dorsey

Twitter Announces Departure of 4 Top Execs, CEO Trying to Revive Company

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced Sunday that four department heads would be leaving their positions. This is the biggest move Dorsey has made since he returned to the company in mid-2015.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook's New Sports Hub, 3D Touch Features, & Twitter's Wall Street Woes Hit New Low

This week in social media, Facebook launched a sports hub designed to catch online social buzz over live sporting events. The company also figured out a technique to deliver 360-degree VR video with a fraction of the bandwidth, all while Twitter hit a new low on Wall Street.

Social Media Sunday: More Facebook Stock to Charity, Foursquare CEO is Out, and Snapchat Looks for Ad Tech

This week in social media, Facebook COO followed CEO Mark Zuckerberg's example and gave a huge amount of her company stock to charity. Meanwhile, Twitter was under pressure to crack down on hate speech, Snapchat began shopping for ad tech startups, and Foursquare's co-founder and CEO announced he would be stepping down.
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Twitter Hires New Chief From Apple to Tackle Diversity in 2016

After a bad year on Wall Street and a diversity spat with a former senior engineer that went public, Twitter has decided to replace its head of diversity and inclusion.
Hillary Clinton Proposes $275 Billion Infrastructure Package

#NotMyAbuela: Hillary Clinton 'Hispandering' Backfires on Twitter

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s latest attempt to reach out to Latinos on social media backfired.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook 'Real Name' Changes, Uber Through Messenger & More

This week was a busy one for Facebook. It launched a new collaboration with Uber through Messenger, announced changes to its controversial "real name" policy, launched its fast-loading Instant Articles for Android, and finally, Facebook was named the most popular smartphone app of 2015 by a Nielsen report. Meanwhile, Twitter hit an all-time low on Wall Street.
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