Social Media Sunday: Facebook Dumps Intern for Exposing Major Privacy Flaw, Twitter Expected to Name Jack Dorsey CEO

This week, Facebook decided not to keep a Harvard student's internship for the rest of the summer, after he exposed a major privacy flaw in the social network's Messenger app. Meanwhile, it looks like beleaguered Twitter will look to Jack Dorsey for permanent leadership, as the company is expected to announce his transition from interim CEO to long-term chief executive next week.

Social Media Sunday: Snapchat Gets Political (Ads), Facebook Wins the GOP Debate, & Costolo May Leave Twitter Completely

This week in social media, former CEO of Twitter Dick Costolo will reportedly be stepping down from his position on Twitter's board of directors. Meanwhile, Snapchat is becoming the newest battlefront for political discussion by design, and Facebook was the true winner of the first GOP debate.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook and Twitter Pummeled on Wall Street, Google+ Gives Up - Mostly

This week was a bad one on Wall Street for Twitter, Facebook, and others, even if they posted better-than-expected revenue results. Meanwhile, Google has dropped the Google+ sign-up requirement for unrelated services and platforms starting with YouTube. But that doesn't mean it's giving up on social entirely.
Google Diversity Report 2015

#RealDiversityNumbers: Twitter Users Probe What's Wrong With Silicon Valley -- Tech Companies Could Benefit From Listening

Silicon Valley companies are being pressured to add some diversity to their mostly white, male workforces -- and this time, it's coming from a grassroots hashtag campaign on Twitter.

Social Media Sunday: Twitter Whitewashes Users' Backgrounds, Facebook Gives Up User Data, and Snapchat Partners with Univision

This week in social media, Twitter messed with everyone's homepage, Facebook relented on its fight against a sea of search warrants issued by a New York court, and Snapchat and Univision have partnered up.
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US, Cuban Embassies Reopen

The U.S. and Cuba have formally re-established diplomatic relations on Monday morning with the reopening of respective embassies. Small ceremonies in Washington, D.C. and Havana marked the reopening of the Cuban and U.S. embassies, respectively. In the U.S. State Department, the Cuban flag was raised in a quiet non-ceremony with other flags recognized by the U.S.

Social Media Sunday: Ellen Pao Steps Down From Reddit & Facebook's News Feed Is Back in Your Hands

This week in social media, the weeks-long maelstrom over former Reddit interim CEO Ellen Pao led to her resignation. Meanwhile Facebook gave its users a little more power over their News Feeds and Twitter's "Project Lightning" is probably going to be called "Moments" in its debut.
Facebook Diversity 2015

Social Media Sunday: Facebook's Faceless Face Recognition, Tumblr TV, and Twitter Loses an Exec (Again)

This week in social media, Facebook released its (disappointing) update on diversity, while setting Messenger free and introducing face-recognition technology so impressive (and creepy), it doesn't need to see your face.
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Social Media Sunday: Twitter's Project Lightning, Facebook's Facial Recognition Moments App, and Snapchat's Evan Spiegel Explains it All

This week in social media, Twitter unveiled Project Lightning, its best hope to open up Twitter's biggest strength to multiple platforms, users, and non-users alike.

Social Media Sunday: Twitter's Embattled CEO Dick Costolo Leaves, YouTube Takes on Twitch, and at Facebook, Your News Feed Reads You

This week in social media, Twitter's CEO Dick Costolo stepped down as the company faces a life-or-death transition into an uncertain future.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Supporting GIFs Now, Key Twitter Exec Leaves for Google, and Snapchat Gets Even More Funding

This week in social media, Facebook finally decided to support animated GIFs, Twitter lost a high-level executive, and Snapchat raised even more money.
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Tap That App: Meerkat vs. Periscope Review - It Helps When a Live Streaming App Has Access to Live Streams

In the great Twitter live-streaming video war of 2015, it's likely only one app will be known through the ages as the victor. So which will it be: Meerkat -- the one that started it all -- or Twitter-backed Periscope? After a hands-on test of both, the answer quickly became apparent.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook's Caller ID, Snapchat's Journalistic Ambitions, and Twitter's New Critic

This week in social media, Facebook officially announced a caller ID feature for the Messenger app. Meanwhile, one of Twitter's earliest billionaire supporters began criticizing the company, Snapchat invested in a shopping app while preparing for the 2016 election season, and Pinterest unveiled its first "Cinematic pins" -- essentially Gif-like promoted pins that animate as users scroll down.
Google Twitter Search

Mobile Google Searches to Show Tweets

Twitter users rejoice. It's easier than ever now to search for related tweets as Google and Twitter announced Tuesday that tweets would now begin showing up in Google searches.

Social Media Sunday: Publishers Wary of Facebook, Twitter's Rumored 'Porn Purge' & Tumblr's #PostItForward Campaign

This week in social media, publishers worried over a big shift at Facebook that could once again upend the news industry. Meanwhile, porn publishers are similarly worried about a rumored, sweeping purge of adult material and the users who post it and Tumblr launched an anti-bullying campaign.
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President Obama's Approval Rating Improves Among Millennials, Latinos

President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party members in Congress received better approval ratings than Republicans based on polling data on millennials.
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