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Social Media Sunday: Facebook's Offline Feed, Twitter's Logged Out Ads & Snapchat's Growth Among Millennials

This week Facebook announced an offline mode, so mobile users can still see new stories in their News Feeds, even when their connections are spotty. Meanwhile, Twitter announced it would start showing ads to the vast majority of people who visit the platform, and a new study shows Snapchat is the fastest growing social network among millennials.
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Social Media Sunday: Facebook Helps You Shadow Block Your Ex & Google Plus Gets Resurrected

This week in social media, Facebook introduced a new tool for the heartbroken. Meanwhile Snapchat and Twitter could be in trouble with investors, and Google Plus was resurrected with a new look and a couple of new features.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Tests Snapchat-style Messages, Pinterest's Image Search, and Twitter's New GIFs

This week in social media, Facebook began testing Snapchat-style messaging in Facebook Messenger. Meanwhile Pinterest introduced a smart, unique visual search feature, Twitter introduced GIFs you can control, and Snapchat is planning on making even more money off of its Lenses feature.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook's Numbers, Twitter's Diversity, and Pinterest Goes Shopping

This week in social media, Facebook dominated the headlines and Wall Street, as it showed how much it dominates the social media world. Meanwhile an ex-Twitter engineer exposed the company's clunky attempts at diversity and Pinterest officially introduced a new feature that blends perfectly with the reasons people use its network.
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Is Twitter's Diversity Problem the Root of its Growth Problem? One Ex-Engineer Thinks So

In August, Twitter released a diversity report outlining how little diversity there is at the company, along with a set of goals to increase the presence of underrepresented voices in the company that could be described either as modest, or outright disappointing.
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Social Media Sunday: Facebook's Week of Tweaks, Snapchat's Halloween Lenses

This week in social media, Facebook rolled out, experimented with, or otherwise promised a slew of changes to its platform, policies and mobile apps. Meanwhile, Twitter got hit on Wall Street again and Snapchat rolled out its first Halloween-themed sponsored "lenses." It's time for Social Media Sunday!
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Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz Trigger Top Twitter GOP Debate Moments

Nearly 8-in-10 Latinos use social media, and Twitter was definitely active during the third Republican presidential debate.

Social Media Sunday: Facebook Fixes Battery-Draining App, Twitter's Dorsey Gives Stock to Staff

This week in social media, Facebook finally fixed its battery-draining iPhone app. Meanwhile Twitter's CEO gave millions worth of stock to the company's employees and Instagram announced yet another new video app.
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Social Media Sunday: Facebook's Multi-Pronged Video Strategy, Dorsey's Twitter Shakeup & More

This week in social media, Facebook unveiled its latest push into online video, seeking to rob top rival YouTube of views. Meanwhile, Twitter went through some major company changes under new CEO Jack Dorsey and a new study surprised no one by revealing that teens prefer Instagram, with Snapchat right behind, over other social networks.
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Social Media Sunday: Facebook's 'Reactions', Messenger on Apple Watch, & Dorsey's First Change to Twitter

This week in social media, Facebook began rolling out new options beyond its "Like" button and Messenger released for Apple Watch. Meanwhile, Twitter's first change under new permanent CEO Jack Dorsey rolled out and Pinterest added localized results for its huge international user base.
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Twitter's New CEO Jack Dorsey Will Face Challenges Running Two Companies

On Monday, Twitter finally made its long anticipated announcement that Jack Dorsey, co-founder of the company and currently interim CEO, was indeed to become Twitter's next full CEO. The 38 year-old is currently also CEO of mobile payments company Square, a position that he will not vacate.

Social Media Sunday: Recycled Facebook Privacy Hoax, Twitter Beyond 140, & Snapchat's Big Ticket Ads

This week in social media, another privacy hoax took over Facebook. Meanwhile, it looks like interim CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey will be taking over Twitter and Snapchat's new feature is an ad that costs almost a million dollars for one day.
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Social Media Sunday: Facebook's 'Free Basics', New Notes, & Instagram Surpasses Twitter

This week in social media, Facebook renamed its free Internet service to create some separation from its charity offerings, and redesigned a long-forgotten feature of its flagship platform. Meanwhile, Instagram hit a milestone of 400 million users, surpassing continually troubled Twitter.
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Social Media Sunday: Facebook's 'Dislike' Button, Pinterest Hits Milestone, & Snapchat's Replay (for a Price)

This week in social media, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced he's actually decided to create a "dislike" button, but it's not what you think. Meanwhile, Snapchat added a replay feature for snaps you might have missed (for a price) and in Facebook's new "Signal" feature, Twitter has something big to worry about from the top social media platform on the planet.
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Diversity in Tech: Are Twitter's 2016 Promises Disappointing or Just Realistic?

It's probably a little of both.

Social Media Sunday: Twitter Invades Google Desktop Search Results & Snapchat Lost Millions in 2014

This week in social media, Twitter finally got a boost from its partnership with Google. Meanwhile, leaked documents showed Snapchat lost a considerable sum of money in a short period of time last year. And Spotify, of all "social" platforms, angered users by asking for too much data.
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